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4 Wheel Guide

The Complete Roadmap to Buying a New or Used Car

How much should you spend on a second-hand car? What are the most reliable family cars for 2021? 

We’ve teamed up with the Journal, the Belfast Telegraph and motoring experts to launch 4 Wheel Guide. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share articles on our blog with advice on budgeting, choosing the perfect car for you, and how to close that sale.

We've outlined all of the great topics we'll be covering over the next few weeks, below. You can also visit our blog, or keep an eye out for #4WheelGuide across FacebookTwitter, or Instagram

Budgeting and Finance

We’ll kick off our campaign looking at cost and setting a budget, and deciding how to choose your finance. We’ll look at things such as; the lowest car loan rates, how much you should spend on a second hand car, and the difference between PCP and a car loan.

What is the difference between a Car Loan and PCP? 


Lowest Credit Union Car Loan Rates

What are the lowest credit union car loan rates in Ireland this year? Check out our blog here to find out more.


Buying a Car this year? All your Car Loan Questions Answered

We answer all your questions about one of our most popular loans - the car loan - in this article.

10 Reasons A Credit Union Car Loan is Better than a PCP Agreement

You might know the difference between a car loan and a PCP agreement by now, but what is a credit union loan always the better option? Find out here.

How Much Should You Spend on a 2nd Hand Car? 

So how much should you spend on a used car? How can you keep this purchase from breaking your monthly budget and get a car that makes you happy? Check out our blog here to find out more. 


Choosing the Right Car 

Do you want an affordable, reliable, or energy efficient? With so many makes and models out there, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right car for you. We’ll talk to the experts and research the best cars for familiar and commuters, as well as the benefits of electric cars, so you’re armed with the best advice before you choose.

Best Family Cars for 2021

The best models for family cars are the handy hatchback, the super SUV's and of course the estates. As part of our 4WheelGuide series we've chosen what we think are the top cars from each category to give you six of the best family cars for 2021. Find out here.

5 Key Questions for Car Buyers in 2021

Buying a car is a significant purchase no matter what your budget, and it pays to do your homework before making any decisions especially now as there are additional factors to consider with Brexit, COVID-19, and whether to go green.  Check out our blog here to find out more.

The 5 Best Commuter Cars for 2021

With COVID-19 pushing more commuters behind the wheel, we’ve chosen the top five car brands built for commuting this year. Check out this article here to find out more.

The Most Fuel Efficient Cars and Low Emission Cars Right Now

When you’re buying a car for the first time, its running costs, specifically fuel, should be right at the top of your checklist as well as the car emissions. The good news is that there are more and more fuel efficient and low emission cars becoming available. Check out this article here to find out more.

Top 10 Most Reliable Used Cars 

Buying a car can be a massive investment of time and money to ensure your purchasing a vehicle that does its job and is also reliable. Taking information from a number of reports we’ve listed the Top 10 Most Reliable used cars on the market.Check out our blog here for more details.

12 Tips When Buying a New Car in 2022

If you’re buying a new car in 2022, we’ve collated all the necessary information you should consider during the buying process below. Check out this article here to find out more.


Thinking of Going Electric?

Top Tips on Buying an Electric or Hybrid Car

If you’re thinking of going electric, you should of course be fully informed before making the purchase. Electric cars are after all more expensive than their petrol or diesel counterparts. That’s why we’ve answered some FAQs for the electric and hybrid car buyers in our blog here.

How to Find the Best Value Electric Car in Ireland

We find the best value electric cars in the Irish market from the cheapest to those offering good range at a decent price point. Check out our blog here for more details.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Cars in Ireland

If you’re considering buying an electric car, we've weighed out the advantages and disadvantages of fully electric cars. Read more here.


'Why I Made the Switch to an Electric Car.'

Jason Walsh tells us why and how he made the switch to an electric car. Read article in full here.


The Best Electric Cars 2022

What are the latest electric models on the market this year? Find out here.


Closing the Deal

Is the price at the dealership final, and what’s the best way to trade in a car? In our final part of 4 Wheel Guide, we’ll look at closing the deal, and the best way to do it no matter where you’re buying your car. 

Common Car Buying Myths Busted.


Importing a Car from the UK to Ireland, Post-Brexit

Post-Brexit changes between the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain have added thousands of euro to the cost of imported second-hand cars from England, Scotland and Wales - but what about Northern Ireland? With that in mind, we looked at the main questions around the changes when importing a car from the UK to Ireland and Northern Ireland this year here.

How to Negotiate the Price of a Car

As myth-busting motor-expert Bob Flavin explained in our blog; Common Car Buying Myths, Busted! the price at the dealership not is final. But how exactly do you wrangle yourself a deal, or, at best, make sure you’re getting the fair market value; and any available extras? Check out our blog to find out more here.


Questions to ask when buying a used Car

Asking the right questions is vital when you’re buying a used car. When you do your research and ask the right questions, you’re much less likely to run into any nasty surprises and you can ensure that your used car doesn’t become an expensive nightmare down the road. We’ve put together a handy list of questions you should ask when buying a used car here.

Buying a car in a pandemic

As with everything due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the way you buy a car has changed. Check out our blog to find out more here.