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4 Wheel Guide

The Complete Roadmap to Buying a New or Used Car

How much should you spend on a second-hand car, what are the most reliable family cars for 2021, and is it worth your money to import a car from the UK this year?

We’ve teamed up with the Journal and motoring experts to launch 4Wheel Guide on the Journal.ie and Credit Union.ie. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share articles on our blog with advice on budgeting, choosing the perfect car for you, and how to close that sale.

We've outlined all of the great topics we'll be covering over the next few weeks, below. You can also visit our blog, or keep an eye out for #4WheelGuide across FacebookTwitter, or Instagram

Budgeting and Finance

We’ll kick off our campaign looking at cost and setting a budget, and deciding how to choose your finance. We’ll look at things such as; the lowest car loan rates, how much you should spend on a second hand car, and the difference between PCP and a car loan.


Choosing the Right Car 

Do you want an affordable, reliable, or energy efficient? With so many makes and models out there, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right car for you. We’ll talk to the experts and research the best cars for familiar and commuters, as well as the benefits of electric cars, so you’re armed with the best advice before you choose.

Closing the Deal

Is the price at the dealership final, and what’s the best way to trade in a car? In our final part of 4 Wheel Guide, we’ll look at closing the deal, and the best way to do it no matter where you’re buying your car.