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13 of the Best Family Cars

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07 Aug 2020

Your golf clubs have been replaced by a buggy and you’re one more spilled milk bottle away from carnage. You held out for as long as sanely possiblem but the time has come… the SUV brigade awaits.

The term family-car has coined itself some bad press – que image of an American style mini-van, eight golden-haired darlings hopping out for soccer practice. But, really, there’s some pretty sweet rides out there that tick all the boxes: Safe, easy-to-drive, fits seven people and stylish.

And think of all that leg-room, all that (potential) peace and quiet.  We’ve scoured, searched and checked what the experts have to say, and totalled up thirteen cars which could suit a growing brood.

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Best Family Hatch-Backs

Ok, so level one of the family car – if you’re just starting off, a hatch-back can make sense as they don’t look so large on the outside so can be parked easily, but have enough boot space for all the stuff that comes with family life.


Skoda Superb Hatchback


A car which is cheaper than competitors but still high on quality, with a plush interior, great driving experience and a huuuge amount of back seat and boot space.

Image: Skoda.ie


Volkwagan Golf Hatchback

€23,950 - €49,950 

Upgrade from the Scoda with a little more cash and you’ll find yourself with the Volkswagan Golf Hatchback – one of the most highly sold cars in the country, a great interior and space.

Image: Volkswagon.ie


The Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport Hatchback

From €28,250

The Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport combines large-executive-car space and comfort with family-car pricing and running costs.

Image: Opel.ie


Best Family SUVs

SUVs have long been hailed the all-rounder family car – their off-road features blended with perfect for school runs, family staycations, long motorway drives. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular SUVs this year.


Skoda Kodiaq SUV

€33,855- €63,315 

The Kodiaq is cheaper than most other premium family SUVs by a long shot – and although the interior might not be as plush, it’s a good option for such a large car at a cheaper price.

Image: Skoda.ie


Volvo XC60


It was one of the best-selling family SUVS, because it was named Safest Car tested by Euro NCAP- it’s described as safe, comfortable and easy-to-drive.

Image: Volvo.ie



€56,550 - €130,840

A beautiful SUV which is punching nearly on par with the pricier Audi Q5; but still reviewed as a stylish and reliable family car.

Image: BMW.ie 

Best Family Estates

Estates mix the comfort of a Saloon car with the boot space of a small van, and were one of the more popular type of Family car before American-style SUVs and Mini vans surged in the 90s.


Skoda Estate

€25,340 - €43,205

The Scoda hatch back is known for being a reliable family car, and the Estate is no different, with a mid-range price, and a huge boot.

Image: Skoda.ie


The Volkswagon Passat Estate

€36,295 to €52,095

A sleek and tidy style for an estate, the Volkswagon has 650 litres of boot space as well as a high quality interior.

Image: Volkswagon.ie


Volvo V60 Estate

€43,450 - €76,504

As always, the Volvo’s safety features as well as its sleek and stylish design make it one of the more popular family estates.

Image: Volkswagon.ie


People Carriers

Multiple Purpose Vehicle, People carrier – call it what you will, but this seven seater family car has seen something of a resurgence in recent times, due to fuel efficiency and less emissions then SUVs. We’ve listed some of the most popular and well-reviewed models gracing Irish roads this year.


Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer MPV

€30,995 - €37,830

The Citreon Grand C4 Picasso has been ranked highly by car reviewers due to its extremely low carbon emissions and sleek stylish design. The three rowed seats also do as promised; they slide into various configurations.

  Image: Citreon.ie


Renault grand scenic MPV


An upgrade from the older Grand scenic, this new model has attractive family safety features like automatic emergency breaking, and additional features like pull-out picnic tables and lights for reading.

Image: Renault.ie


Ford Galaxy MPV

From €41,091

As well as serving as an MPV, the Ford Galaxy’s top-of-the range version becoming VIP chauffeur cars. its three rows of seats are adult-size, and can folded down to transform the vehicle into a van.

Image: Ford.ie


Ford S-Max

From €38,740

If you want a 7 seater mini van but don’t want it to look like a mini-van… well, welcome to the Ford-S-Max. It’s sleek, neat exterior looks more like an estate – the interior space including back seats have been reduced, but in return you get a sport, sleek looking MPV.

Image: Ford.ie


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