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20 Kitchen Colour Ideas

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13 Aug 2020

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‘Now what has changed significantly in the last year, what we are seeing for the first time in decades, is colour in kitchens. We’re seeing yellow tiled kitchens, and green enamelled cabinets - we are seeing the slow takeover of blue, yellow, and green cabintry in kitchens.' 

As part of our House2Home series, where we're sharing expert advice, resources and style ideas on renovating or redecorating your home, Roisin Murphy told us the hottest trends in Irish kitchens at the moment - one of which was colour.

If you’re doing up the kitchen, and don’t want to be stuck with a colour you’re going to hate for the next ten years, then keep reading - we’ve listed the most popular colours (taken from the most popular terms on google search and Roisin’s expertise) to give you some inspiration.

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Grey Kitchens

Grey is a colour - and a hugely popular one at that! The reason for that is it allows other more colourful aspects of your kitchen to shine.  Lighter, cooler shades of grey can give prominence to other beautiful materials and colours throughout the room – for example when grey is pared with pastels, brass or chrome, exposed brick or wood. Soft, paler greys are calming and can work in a smaller kitchen – while bigger kitchens could use one bolder tones in particular spaces.


1. Steel Grey and Pastel

The best backdrop for pastels, a soft grey can really make a beautiful peach, green or pink pastel come to life.


2. Grey Green Kitchen

Image Devol Kitchens

Light coloured wood mixed with a grey-green can really create soft, light space with a feel of nature and calm. 


3. Dark Grey Kitchen

A dark grey with rustic/unfinished wood gives a sleek and almost theatrical finish – if you have a larger space, this could really work.



Blue Kitchens

From duck egg to cobalt, pale blue, baby and sky – there are endless choices of blue, and each one of them has their own intrigue. 


4. Baby Blue Kitchen

Image: 2LG Studio

'Glidden Blue Ice Age' is the exact shade in the above picture - and this subtle, soothing baby blue gives a gentle, clean look.


5. Cobalt Blue Kitchen

Image: British Cobalt

If you want to get on the colour-pop bandwagon, cobalt blue gives a rich, deep addition to any kitchen. It goes great with white; and used on kitchen cabinets, or on a single wall can really liven up a room.


6. Cornflour Blue Kitchen

Image: Bespoke Shaker Kitchens

This beautiful colour works well with earthy woods, and can fit into a classical style country kitchen, or even a more modern kitchen.

7. Sky Blue Kitchen

Image: Home Design and Decor

Make a splash and go for a fun sky blue – this colour is on trend, funky and will add vitality to your kitchen - paint the cabinets, go for a sky blue backsplash or wall tiles. 


Walnut Kitchens

Beauitful walnut tones can dominate and create a deep earthy hue to any kitchen - especially when pared with textures or paler colours.


8. Solid Walnut and Brick Kitchen

Image: Simon Conville.com

This stunning walnut kitchen from Simon Conville mixes textures and creamy tones for a beautiful contrast.


9. Walnut and White Kitchen

Image: Aisling Furniture

Aisling Furniture have showcased this stunning ‘Calgary & Victoria’ style walnut kitchen, with deep tones of walnut against a backdrop of brilliant white.


10. Dark Walnut Kitchen

Dark walnut kitchen cabinets can be even more striking against paler marble to create a rich and stunning look.


Yellow Kitchens

 Sunny, pale, glossy yellow kitchens are back with a bang - with so many bright, fun shades to choose from. 

11. Glossy Yellow Kitchen

Image: Danielle Colding Interiors

This glossy lacquered backsplash creates a pop of yellow to brighten up your kitchen – it means it can sit as a statement piece against white. You could also use this bright, funky shade of yellow on other key areas like light fittings, lamps.


12. Mexican Yellow Kitchen

Image: Peter Vitale

Although you don’t have to go fully with a Mexican style kitchen, you can still take inspiration from exotic Mexican design - with beams, patterned plates and that earthy mustard yellow as a backsplash.


13. Yellow Statement Kitchen

Image: NGOC

You don’t have to go fully yellow  – even a pop of colour in the form of a table, curtains or yellow patterned cushions can really add life to your kitchen.


14. Creamy Yellow Kitchen

Image: hungelingdesign

This stunning kitchen is more cream than yellow, but it really has those yellowy undertones for a sunny, warming look.


Pink Kitchens

Blush pink, coral, flamingo – these beautiful rosy tones are creeping into Irish kitchens; be it as a painted island, or just one or two walls. See below for some great pink kitchen ideas.


15. Blush Pink Kitchen

Image: Nicole Franzen 

A light and delicate colour, it brings light and space into the room, while also warming it. Pair it with textures or concrete to add more liveliness to your kitchen. 


16. Coral Kitchen

Image: Dutchboy Paint.com

A gorgeous summer colour which can be mixed with other pastel-type tones, coral can give a breath of fresh air to your kitchen.


17. Flamingo Pink

Image: Devol

A hot, shock of a colour, flaming flamingo pink is great to use selectively - perhaps on a glass cabinet, or one wall.


White Kitchens

Although the clinical look is largely disappeared, white kitchens are still popular as they can be pared with other materials and dominant tones easily. Traditional, country kitchens with wite cabinets and marble are very much still in vogue, though.


18. White and Marble

If you’re looking for a clean, classic style kitchen, white and marble go together beautifully, with some muted grey tiles.


19. White and Concrete

Image: Home Designing.com

Concrete is making a huge comeback and can be pared with a white kitchen cabinets for a stunning sleek design. 


20. Classic Country White

Classic, country or farmhouse kitchens can be seen painted white, with exposed wooden beams, dark floors and a very traditional feel to the space.


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