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27 Jan 2022

'How I Budgeted During Maternity Leave.'

We sat down with Deirdre O’Reilly; an Irish mammy who tightened up her finances during maternity leave.

Education 3 min read

11 Jan 2022

Tax Rebate Ireland: 7 Ways to Claim

Seven ways you can claim a tax refund 

Education 2 min read

05 Jan 2022

What is Debt Consolidation?

What is debt consolidation and what are the advantages of having a single loan repayment for all your debts?

Education 3 min read

03 Jan 2022

Five Goals to Improve your Financial Health this New Year

How to focus your mind and free yourself from negative financial thoughts

Education 2 min read

17 Sep 2021

6 Free Downloads to Help Kids Learn about Money

Download free worksheets from our Start Money Smart resource

Education 3 min read

03 Sep 2021

Financial Jargon Busters

What the F is an APR? What is the difference between a secured loan and an unsecured loan? What does it mean if I’m in arrears?

Education 4 min read

03 Sep 2021

Creating a rainy day fund

Setting aside money for a rainy day fund is fairly simple and definitely worth it

Education 2 min read

31 Aug 2021

7 ways to support your financial well-being

Keeping your financial well-being in check is just as important as keeping your physical and mental well-being healthy.

Education 3 min read

30 Aug 2021

Financial Well-Being Week

As part of our Money on Your Mind series, we’re running a Financial Well-Being Week with aim of creating conversations around money more accessible, using simple language.

Education 2 min read