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Category: Education

20 Aug 2021

Securing Student Accommodation: Rental Prices Across the Country

Securing the right student accommodation can be nerve-wrecking - and exciting!.

Education 5 min read

18 Aug 2021

Back to School Savings Tips

Looking to save on back to school costs? Look no further! 

Education 5 min read

10 Jun 2021

Credit Union Scholarships and Bursaries: FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our student scholarships and bursaries.

Education 2 min read

20 Apr 2021

How does a Pension Work?

We all know how important having a pension is. But how do pensions work and what are the main benefits? 

Education 4 min read

12 Nov 2020

Golden Rules of Credit 

Seven golden rules you should follow to avoid ending up with unsustainable debt in the future 

Education 3 min read

03 Nov 2020

How does a credit card work?

Find out how credit cards work and read about some important considerations befor getting or using a credit card.

Education 3 min read

08 Oct 2020

Age Appropriate Financial Education for Children

Below are some insights and tips on age appropriate money topics to discuss with children

Education 6 min read

30 Sep 2020

7 Tools to Manage a Household Budget

If you want help to track your spending, here is a list of some budgeting tools that might help you to manage your money.

Education 4 min read

28 Sep 2020

15 Budgeting Myths That Are Holding You Back

Are you being held back from budgeting by some common misconceptions? There are some myth busters and tips that might help you get a firmer grasp on your finances.

Education 5 min read