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25 May 2023

A Guide to Buying your First Home in Ireland

A helpful guide to those considering buying their first home in Ireland.

House 4 min read

15 Mar 2023

Your Guide to Greener Home Improvement Grants

75% of people have no idea what grants are available to them when making home improvements 

House 3 min read

13 Jul 2022

The Complete Guide to Solar Panels

The complete guide to solar panels for your home

House 3 min read

30 Mar 2022

Why get a Mortgage from your local Credit Union?

9 reasons why your next mortgage application should be to your local credit union.

House 3 min read

28 May 2021

Why Install Attic Insulation and What Impact can it Have?

On average, a home loses 20-30% of its heat through its roof, if it is not properly insulated. Here we look at the costs, savings and benefits of properly insulating your attic and the grants available.

House 5 min read

27 May 2021

‘How I improved the BER Rating of my Period Home.’

Five key changes the Mulligan family made to improve their BER from E to B

House 3 min read

18 May 2021

Common Renovation Mistakes and how to avoid them

Architect Roisin Murphy highlights the common mistakes when carrying our home renovations.

House 3 min read

07 May 2021

Tricky Home Energy Terms Demystified

Roisin Murphy demystifies some of the trickier home energy terms

House 4 min read

07 May 2021

How do find out your home’s energy rating?

Find our how a Building Energy Rating certificate can determine the energy rating of the home

House 3 min read