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18 Nov 2021

Adult Safeguarding Day - Managing Your Credit Union Account

Tips on managing your credit union account. 

Community 2 min read

04 Nov 2021

Always Here to Help

From cradle to grave, your local credit union is there to support you through all life’s ups and down.

Community 3 min read

08 Oct 2021

Credit Unions at the Heart of Every Community

Credit unions are at the heart of every community on the island of Ireland. 

Community 3 min read

28 Sep 2021

Powered By People - Liam Hand

Find out how MMA star Liam Hand has been Powered By People.

Community 3 min read

19 Sep 2021

The Credit Union Junior Savers Reward Scheme

Help your children save with Junior Savers Rewards

Community 3 min read

17 Sep 2021

6 Free Downloads to Help Kids Learn about Money

Download free worksheets from our Start Money Smart resource

Education 3 min read

17 Sep 2021

'How I Teach my Kids to Save' 8 Tips from Real Parents

Real parents tell us how they teach their kids about money

Community 3 min read

17 Sep 2021

Junior Savers Week 2021: 5 Ways to Get Involved!

Five ways you can get involved and help your children learn about money!

Community 3 min read

03 Sep 2021

Financial Jargon Busters

What the F is an APR? What is the difference between a secured loan and an unsecured loan? What does it mean if I’m in arrears?

Education 4 min read