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Adult Safeguarding Day - Managing Your Credit Union Account

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18 Nov 2021

Adult Safeguarding Day is an initiative coordinated by Safeguarding Ireland in partnership with organisations across the health, social, financial and justice sectors. The aim is to raise a greater awareness and understanding of safeguarding with respect to 1) rights 2) services and 3) empowerment.

In its inaugural year, here at the credit union, we hope to see this day continue for many years to come, as we are not just a financial institution, but a community based not for profit organisation, who put the needs of our members at the forefront of everything we do.

The Operating Principles of the credit union prioritise the economic and social well-being of all members through their vision of social justice, and wider benefit of this to the local community.

Managing Your Account in your Local Credit Union

Your credit union is there to support you throughout all of life’s ups and downs…

Here to Help

Credit unions are highly aware of the need to safeguard all members, especially those who find themselves in a vulnerable situation. If you need help on any matter, the credit union staff will be happy to assist you.


If you need more time when transacting, or if you wish to discuss a matter in confidence, credit union staff will be happy to engage with you on the best solutions to managing your account and circumventing any challenges that may arise.


You may wish to discuss access to your account, insurances on your account, a possible loan, or creating or updating a nomination on your account. In particular, if you are feeling unsure or concerned in relation to any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact your credit union.


Even if you are not in a position to attend the credit union office in-person, the credit union may be able to remotely provide the service you require.
If you need to contact your credit union to discuss any matter, you can find their details on our Credit Union Locator. Once the credit union is made aware of the circumstances involved, we will do everything possible to ensure that you continue to be in control of your credit union affairs, and that your funds are well-safeguarded.