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Common Car Buying Myths Busted!

Car 2 min read

01 Feb 2021

4WheelGuideYour roadmap to buying a new or used car 
Buying a car is a topic most people will give you great advice on – but it’s also a topic that can throw up a lot of myths. In 2020, car loan enquiries continued to be the most popular loan enquiry submitted to credit unions. With that in mind we decided to pair up with Bob Flavin, a motoring journalist with over ten years’ experience, to bust some of the most commonly believed myths around car buying as part of our 4WheelGuide series with the Journal and the Belfast Telegraph. 

If you want to find out is the price at the dealership really final, if a PCP is the most flexible from of Car Finance or when you buy a car doesn’t really matter, watch the video below to see and hear what Bob has to say – you might be surprised!

So if you’re in the market for a car loan why not contact your local credit union who will come back to you with details on the interest rates they currently offer? Alternatively, to see what the average car loan rate will cost you – check out our handy loan calculator
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