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Common Renovation Mistakes and how to avoid them

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18 May 2021

House2GreenerHome – Your Complete Guide to Energy Efficient Home Improvements 

When you’ve finally decided to upgrade your home, it can be tempting to jump straight into the project and begin work. However, diving right in without fully knowing what you want to achieve can cost you time, money and no little frustration.

As part of our House2GreenerHome series, we asked Róisín Murphy, architect and interior designer and presenter of RTE’s Home Rescue, to highlights some common mistakes which are make when carrying out home upgrades and what you can do to avoid costly errors.
Róisín outlines four key areas to focus on to ensure that your project goes smoothly and as stress free as possible.


Setting an Unrealistic Budget

“This is the most critical part of any project and it's the one that we tend to make a lot of mistakes in, basically because we want it all and we want it all. We'll forget to factor in things like planning permission, that that costs money, or indeed moving out while the project is getting done.

“Now there are solutions to this. You can, number one, make compromises. You don't have to have it all at the same time now, you can break it down into sequences and indeed plan it all out. But making compromises is probably where you need to start”.

Not Looking into Grants

“Don't forget if you're planning renovations to your home that are going to make your home more sustainable, there are grants available from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland or Northern Ireland Energy advice”.

Putting Price before Quality

“One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you're doing renovation works is you will be tempted by a low price offer. Often in that lots of things, won't be factored into that price. So be very careful when you're getting prices that you're not tempted to just go for the low price. The other thing is you want things to last a lifetime. Sometimes something is a little bit more expensive upfront, but it will last that bit longer. So be careful. Always remember quality over price”.

Making Decisions on Time

“There are a hundreds of little decisions to be made in a building project, particularly a sustainable building project. Where is the switching gear are going to go? Where is the water tank going to go? The trick is don't make them when the job has begun. They will cost you time, drama and money”.

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