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Core Credit Union: Delivery Service for Cocooning Members

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10 Apr 2020

Credit unions around the country are doing everything they can to support members during COVID-19, especially those most vulnerable.

One in particular is Core credit union, with offices in in Dalkey, Sallynoggin, Shankill, Ballybrack, Foxrock, Carrickbrennan and Dún Laoghaire. Their cash delivery service allows vulnerable members to access money while cocooning. The service, one of many supports implemented by the credit union in recent weeks, is supported by local Gardai and allows withdrawals of up to €200 per visit. 

Vulnerable members may also choose to appoint a designated authority to make small cash withdrawals on their behalf.

CEO of Core Credit Union Michael Byrne, acknowledged that many of Core’s members fall within a vulnerable category and heavily rely on the credit union to access cash.

‘They really do depend on us. For some, the only way they can access their savings, payments or pension is by using our cocooning service as we are the only financial institution they interact with.’

‘Since launching these initiatives, we’ve had hugely positive feedback from the community. At the moment we’re doing everything we can to support members and reaching out to as many as possible by email or phone to inform them of all the services available.’

Loan repayments

Core is also reassuring members that when needed, they can apply for temporary loan repayment holidays or repayment reductions.

 ‘If we speak to a concerned member about their situation and the repayment holiday or reduction is approved, we will ensure changes are put in place right away. Members can also apply for longer-term relief if needs be, by supplying documentation. We are also aware of moneylenders continuing to target people in our local community in recent times. If our members find themselves in financial difficulty, we would ask that they speak with us first.’

Members will not see any negative impact on their credit record on any Covid-related payment break. They can call the credit union or apply online at www.corecu.ie/help.

Waiving and donation of fees

Core credit union has said they will waive first quarter fees for current account holders and have appealed to all members whose income has not been affected by COVID to donate to a COVID donation account (IBAN: IE94 SBDC 991 045 029 586 16).

Funds received into this account will be donated to local community volunteers across the seven locations Core Credit Union serves.


Accessing savings

The credit union have also lifted restrictions on savings, allowing members to now access savings online. ‘We know that members use our credit union as a secure place to keep their savings and don’t necessarily want the ability to dip into them easily,’ said Michael.  ‘Although we usually have restrictions when it comes to accessing savings online, we’ve lifted these.’

The credit union has seen a surge in members using online facilities. ‘We’ve seen a big increase in online usage. We’d encourage members to keep transacting over the phone and online where possible.’


If you would like to get in touch with Core credit union to avail of any of the above services, call 01-2725600 or email members@corecu.ie. Or you can contact your own local credit union here, to see what supports are available.