Creating a Garden for Entertaining

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08 Jun 2020

With spare time on our hands, re-doing the garden has becoming the project of many houses across the country. And with the easing of restrictions, the next few weeks will see more interaction with those outside of our home. We will soon be able to host people in our houses and gardens and for many, it’s the moment we have been waiting for.

You may have seen our blog on making your garden a homemade heaven. Creating furniture and other garden equipment is fun and easy. But some things are better bought. Read on to find out our top tips for creating your perfect garden for entertainment.

Space and seating

Creating an indoor feel while outdoors is the key to making guests comfortable. And while gardens come in different shapes and sizes, it’s important to use the space you have efficiently. There is a wide range of outdoor seating available at the moment, which featured in our top ten garden furniture trends in Ireland. Comfy couch seats are a staple of many gardens and perfect for brightening up and corner of your garden. Corner couches allow room for heating equipment, which is especially important for summers in Ireland!

Spacing your outdoor seating area should be done with the inside of your house in mind. If your seating area purpose is for outdoor dining, it is important that it is located in close proximity to the kitchen. As practical as the inside of your home is laid out, is also useful to apply to the garden.  

Weather is also an important factor to consider. In Ireland especially, the weather can turn in an instant. Placing your seating area in a part of the garden which is protected by a potential draft or windy spot will ensure comfort in your outdoor space.


Lighting an outdoor space continues the transition on bringing the indoor feel outside. As well as creating an ambiance, lighting is a practical element of any garden. When setting up an outdoor cooking area, surrounding it with light allows for an extended window for cooking time.

Lighting steps doubles as a decorative measure while also ensuring they are visible as the natural light fades. If there is no room for lighting steps, plant pots will distinguish one from the other to ensure the safety of your guests.

Lights can also extend the area of your garden which is used in the evening time. By place lights on trees and plants in the garden, you will extend the view into the night and once again bring the indoors to life outside.

Garden Features 

Garden features can complete a garden look and feel. Water features, fire pits and plants will turn your garden into a hub for entertaining.

When fitted and taken care of correctly, water features allow another element of nature to live in your garden. The sound of running water can be the perfect back drop to a summer evening. Any good garden centre will have a wide range of water features to choose from.

Plants and hanging baskets add colour and new looks to any garden. When choosing plants for your garden, basing it on your taste and colours you prefer is a good place to start. It is also important to be mindful of how plants will look when they fully bloom. You’ll find some of the best flowers and tips for your garden right here

A perfect finish to all of the elements listed above is a fire pit. Summer nights on the island of Ireland are notoriously cold and so heating is essential. Fire pits once again bring the indoors outside. Of course always remember fire safety. You’ll find some tips on how to ensure fire pit safety here.

Hosting and entertaining at home is finally coming back in to our lives. And after all this time away, of course we all want our homes and gardens to look top notch. Saying that – you know where we are if you need us – talk to your local credit union today!