Creating your Home-made Garden

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26 May 2020

With the entire population being forced to stay inside, many are sharing their lockdown creations through social media. With more time to think, our creative juices are flowing and we’ve come up with some ideas to make your garden a homemade heaven!

If handy work isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be delighted with the re-opening of garden centres and hardware shops. And if you’re looking for an all-important home makeover – you know where to find us for a helping hand!
But if you love a challenge and some DIY, you'll be in home-made heaven with our latest tips! 

Garden Furniture

While the effort might be too much, the results are worth it! Creating garden furniture is not for the faint hearted and may take a few days’ work to complete. But if we have one thing at the moment, its time! While hardware shops begin to open, there may be a chance to buy some ready-made garden furniture, but creating it from materials is just as fun!

Old wooden pallets are a versatile piece of wood which can be turned in to a wide range of garden furniture and other accessories. The hardware shop Homebase have come up with some interesting ways you can create a garden sofa, or a corner sofa from wooden pallets on their website. Check it out here
Garden Bar
While the restrictions are in place, many may be missing the social aspect of sitting in a pub or restaurant. And as ever, sticking to the guidelines is important, meeting with friends in is beginning to be allowed again. The perfect addition to your summer garden is a home made garden bar.
Using old wooden pallets, you can create a bar in the comfort of your own home. There are a wide range of designs available for this sort of project. Taking the time to make it, will allow you to enjoy it even more!
For designs and how to’s click here.

A barbeque buddy
Do you ever find yourself standing at the barbeque, with nowhere to put the things you need? Once again, old wooden pallets act as the perfect barbeque buddy. Their layout, allows for a natural shelf to store whatever you might need. While the natural shelf allows minimal effort, you can also create a custom designed table. There are plenty of ways you can turn a pallet into a side table or barbeque buddy. You’ll find how to make your own one right here
Pallet planters
Using pallets to plant flowers creates a country feel to wherever you find yourself. These can be designed in a wide range of styles to suit any garden. While being perfect for flowers, pallets can be transformed into boxes to growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in your very own garden. You’ll find some ideas for the perfect garden planters’ right here
All that's left, is to enjoy your pallet paradise!