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4 Questions Your Interior Designer Should Ask

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29 Jun 2020

House2Home: The Complete Guide to Renovating or Redecorating

As restrictions lift, builders dust off hardhats and homeowners don paint rollers, decking tiles, grout filler - hoping to rejuvenate spaces they’ve spent months inside – we’ve partnered with Roisin Murphy; architect, interior designer and presenter of RTE’s Home Rescue, to bring you the House2Home Series on Credit Union.ie.

Below, Roisin shares her four main questions she always asks a client before starting a project.


1. Budget

‘It sounds really boring, but the main question I ask any client and the first question I have is how much money do you have to spend?’


2. Consultation Type

‘And the next question I have is also budget driven, I say if you don’t have a lot of money do you want me to give you just a one off consultation? Because there's an awful lot of that around, where an architect will come in and do a couple of hours and you take their sketches and drawing and go off and do it yourself. It’s a very budget-driven away of doing it, you can plan it out in various stages.'

3. Space or Light

'The third thing I always ask them is are they interested in space or light? It’s a really important one, because sometimes people want to spend their money buying space in their house versus buying a kind of a really cool interior or better working house.'


4. Scrapbook Styles

‘And the fourth thing I ask them to do is to start making images in a scrapbook - not writing down specifically they want, but pictures of the kind of house or home that they’d like.’


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