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6 Free Downloads to Help Kids Learn about Money

Education 3 min read

17 Sep 2021

We're excited to partner with educational company Twinkl to launch our new financial resource: Start Money Smart, for children in primary school!

This fun, interactive resource teaches children of all ages about money. Start Money Smart, which is freely available for teachers and parents to download from the Twinkl.ie and Twinkl.co.uk, include topics like budgeting, spending and saving, earning money, impulse buying and investing.
Engaging activities, which parents can download and do with their children at home, include shopping change, Reward chart pack, party budget activity sheets, Money saving challenges, and Start Money Smart board game, among others.
We’ve listed below some great resources to give you a flavour of what’s there. You can download ROI the resources, free, here, and the NI resources free, here.


1. Save or Splurge Board Game 

Should you save or splurge? Find out, with this great, easy-to-play board game with cards. Let your kids learn about money with this fun board game designed by teachers.

Available in the 5th and 6th, or Key Stage Three packs.


2. Party Budget Activity Sheet 

Let your kids plan a budget for your birthday party. You are going to need enough items for all the pupils in their class, (including yourself too!)

Available in the 3rd and 4th, or or Key Stage Two Packs.

 3. Saving Reward Chart 

Help your kids keep their saving on track with this great reward chart which you can pin on their wall. A great way to see progress and cultivate motivation!

Available in the 1st and 2nd Class, or Key Stage One


4. Shopping Change Chart 

When you go shopping, do ask your children to help. And budget for items? This shopping change chart is a nifty one to print off and bring with you!

Available in the 1st and 2nd Class, or Key Stage One packs. 


5. Sorting Activity: Investment or Impulse Buy?

Help your kids map the different between an investment or an impulse buy with this worksheet.

 Available in the 3rd and 4th, or Key Stage Two Packs.

All resources for ROI and NI have been developed by teachers in edcuation company Twinkl Ireland, in partnership with the credit union. All resources can be downloaded from Twinkl.ie or Twinkl.co.uk for free.