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HSSCU Are Proudly Planting Trees!

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13 Jul 2022

A win-win for both members and the environment!

HSSCU have partnered with Cloud Forests and for every current account opened, the credit union is planting one tree. The unique initiative focuses on HSSCU’s current account offering while making a positive impact on climate change, enhancing environmental protection and helping to strengthen biodiversity.

These trees will be planted in a wood named after HSSCU and its members past, present and future. The HSSCU Wood, will grow every time a current account is opened. A site has been designated for HSSCU on the Dingle peninsula, Co. Kerry, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

To achieve this wonderful initiative, HSSCU have partnered with Cloudforests, who bring with them a wealth of forestry knowledge and expertise. They are a leading Irish climate action company focused on forest creation and environmental protection, while operating as a carbon negative business. HSSCU’s partners are investing in new tree plantations, existing plantations and forests that have been forgotten or neglected, providing a comprehensive approach.

Luke Casey, HSSCU Marketing Manager, had this to say about the initiative “As far as we know, HSSCU is the first Irish credit union to initiate a project like. Ireland was once the most forested country in Europe, today the figures are stark with just 11% tree cover, with only 2% of this being native forest. Through this campaign we’re giving something back to our members, creating a wood that will successfully capture carbon and assist biodiversity, whilst promoting our current accounts. It’s a campaign that packs a lot in but is positive on many levels! Each tree planted is an investment in our collective future.

The thinking behind this campaign is part of a broader environmental inclusion process that HSSCU are undertaking in conjunction with the formation of an Environmental, Social and Governance Committee, which includes staff and volunteers. With the help of our members, we’re planting trees and assisting in nurturing a positive environmental legacy for future generations.”

Through the establishment of these forests and HSSCU’s collective role in planting trees, it has a very positive impact on the biodiversity of that area creating a natural habitat for all forms of life. As part of the partnership, HSSCU are also supporting the introduction of native Irish bees and other wildlife to the forest locations. HSSCU members who open a current account will directly influence the reduction of CO2 emissions in Ireland.

Health Services Staffs CU is one of the largest credit unions in the country. It has a nationwide common bond, with offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick and Louth. HSSCU are encouraging their members to be part of the HSSCU woods and play a role in tackling climate change and help reforestation in Ireland.

More details on the project can be found here

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