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Kitchen Design Ideas: Roisin Murphy

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28 Jul 2020

House2Home: The Complete Guide to Renovating or Redecorating

The Kitchen. The design of this focal room has changed dramatically in Irish homes throughout the last decade, with more colourful and intriguing styles emerging.

As part of our House2Home series where we’ll be sharing advice and top tips on renovating and redecorating, architect, interior designer, and presenter of RTE’s Home Rescue’s Roisin Murphy talked us through what’s hot right now and what items are making a big comeback in kitchens across the country.

Kitchen Ideas - Roisin Murphy

Old Kitchen Designs

‘Now kitchens for the last couple of decades have been like machines. White machines, very sterile -  almost alike an operating theatre - that style has gone and has gone very dramatically, to what we call a butler style kitchen: which is a black and a white kitchen – but that style is kind of disappearing too.’


Kitchen Colours

‘Now what has changed significantly in the last year, what we are seeing for the first time in decades, is colour in kitchens.’

‘We are seeing an explosion of colour coming in from the Atlantic and up from France, and in from Italy. We’re seeing yellow tiled kitchens, and green enamelled cabinets.’

‘We are seeing the slow takeover of blue, yellow, and green cabinetry in kitchens. People are painting them themselves or they’re introducing funny bits of furniture; just squeezing out the kitchen look, that whole sterile kitchen look is kind of going.’

Kitchen Island Ideas

‘Now the island, it still reigns supreme, but with glass fronted cabinets. People like them like old-style labs or school desks so you can see everything that’s inside at a glance.'

Kitchen Drawers

'Another key trend, functionality-wise in a kitchen that hasn’t gone away - is drawers for storage. They are probably the most efficient way to have all your gear - particularly in an island - stashed, so you can see it.’
‘You won’t get confused it’s not stuffed down the back of the cupboard, think drawers think colours.’

Kitchen Larder

‘Another beautiful thing which is an investment item; is the larder. We haven’t seen these since Victorian times, and now they’re often in a pop of pink and a completely separate piece.’

Larders can be bought separately entirely to the kitchen and almost treated like a bespoke piece of furniture.’


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