Make your House an Instagram Home (On a Budget)

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01 Oct 2019

We know that Instagram can be full of edited photos and clever angles to create an illusion that is better than the daily reality.  That being said, there’s no harm in taking some inspo from your Insta feed for your home improvements!

Those extra little touches you may never have thought of will give your room an Instagram sparkle. And it won’t cost the earth.

Read on for tops tips to becoming an Instagram (home improvement) star!

Colours on Fleek

Most rooms can be hugely improved with a lick of paint. This can be a great place to start to get your home Instagram-ready! Although the Pantone© colour of the year is living coral, consider opting for a neutral base of white or grey. And then add colour with accessories. Whites and greys balance each other out. They make it much easier to choose coloured accessories for a splash of Insta brightness.   

Golden Hour

To ensure your new wall colour looks the best in your photos, pay heed to the latest Instagram trend - ‘golden hour’. This is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, when light is softer. Lately, Instagram users have been using the golden hour to achieve optimum, natural light on their photos, whether it’s a selfie or an interior design photo. Once night time hits, add candles and soft lighting. This will create an impactful ambiance within the room – and for your Insta feed.

Fake It!

house an instagram hitThere’s something so satisfying about those accessories that need minimal care - while looking great against any background. Using artificial plants is an excellent way to give a splash of green to a neutral colour scheme. IKEA has some fab, cheap and cheerful artificial plants that will add a little brightness to your room. Better still - they involve no caring for the less than green-fingered among us. There are numerous lovely examples on Instagram if you’re having trouble choosing.    

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Next up are mirrors. These are important for creating the illusion of more space. The magic of a mirror can transform a room, and they work well in all areas of a house. Your hall or entrance is the perfect place to hang a mirror. It creates the first impression of your home’s aesthetic. Placed directly above a table, a mirror can add a welcoming touch in an instant. It’s also the perfect place to have one final look before heading out the door. You’ll find some budget mirror options from IKEA and TK Maxx

Let’s Take a Shelfie

Another new interior theme taking over Instagram is the “shelfie”. Believe it or not, shelfies are hugely popular, allowing Instagramers to showcase shelves in their rooms. In some cases the shelves may even be the centre of the room. Instead of storing books and old newspapers on your shelves, experiment with old CDs, candles and other accessories.

These little touches create a focal point in your room - and definitely won’t break the budget. 

Picture Perfect

A collection of frames on the wall of a room adds another dimension – both to the room and your Insta pics! You may be familiar with this trend on Instagram already. Whether it be family photos or picturesque landscapes, a collection of photos can add the finishing touch to your room. A range of budget-friendly frames can be found in Tesco or IKEA. Not sure what to put in the frames itself? How about printing a few of those thousand photos on your phone? Boots pharmacy currently run a deal of 100 prints for €10/£8.



Your home is definitely Insta-worthy at this stage. Ensure you’ve paid attention to the practical side of things too. And of course, you’ll want to make sure your Insta additions are child friendly if you have little people running around. It’s important that all your necessities (bed, couch, kitchen table etc.) are in place before any of the Instagram extras are added. Can you walk by your coffee table without your new shelves taking a chunk out of your arm for instance? You’ll need that arm for scrolling through your Insta feed after all.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Well that’s it. With your colour, lighting, plants, mirrors, shelfies and photo wall expertly arranged, your home is Insta-ready. It’s time to sit back and relax - after you’ve taken the perfect Insta photo of course!