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Money on your Mind Series

Education 2 min read

23 Sep 2020

As we all grapple with the impact of Covid-19 on ourselves, our families, our friends and our local communities, it’s clear that there is and will be a significant financial fallout. With so many people having suffered pay cuts, having reduced working hours or lost their jobs, many people will find themselves struggling to make ends meet and worrying about what the future might bring. 

As individuals, we have little or no control over the economic situation or the financial impact which this pandemic will have on the country as a whole.

When we talk about financial well-being, it is certainly the case that this is impacted by your financial situation. But it’s not simply measured by income versus our expenditure. It’s not just about having enough money to do the things you want to do. It’s also about feeling that you are empowered to make financial decisions and that you feel in control.

Nor is it necessary to be an expert on all money matters, But you need to know where you can get the financial information that you need, when you need it. And you need to feel equipped and confident to make decisions about your financial future when you need to. 

In this series, we’re aiming to help you build your financial confidence. We’ll be providing you with insights, tips and suggestions to help you to feel more knowledgeable about your financial situation. We’ll bring you straight forward, jargon free information, and perhaps answering some basic financial questions you were afraid or unwilling to ask. We’ll explore some of the impacts which money worries can have on you, and give you some tips to help you cope. Ultimately, we hope to help you to feel that you are in control of your financial future.