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On your E-Bike with Cork Credit Unions!

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25 Jun 2020

City and towns around Ireland continue to become densely populated. More people in an area means more traffic on the road. The Covid-19 pandemic has also had an effect on how people use public transport, with reduced numbers allowed, now is the time when many will be looking at alternative modes of transport for their everyday life. An increase in cycling to get around looks set to become the future of the world we live in. Acting on this new trend, a group of Cork Credit Union have an exciting initiative on the horizon.

The idea for the scheme initially started when Oliver Moran, a local politician in Cork approached St. Michael’s Credit Union in relation to the Cork electronic bicycle network. Recently the Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy sets targets to increase cycling in Cork as part of its plan. This eBike scheme would look to play a role in ensuring this strategy is a success.

Along with the need for infrastructural improvements, the steep topography in parts of Cork City were identified as a barriers to why there is a low number of cyclists in the city itself. The aim of this new initiative is to solve this issue and ensure the needs of Cork City cyclists are met. Electronic bicycles would be a major factor in alleviating the issue of parts of Cork being hilly.

There is a growing demand for alternative, greener methods of transport and this has been expedited by the COVID 19 crisis as people look for replacements. Speaking about the scheme, Luke Casey, Marketing Manager of St. Michael’s Credit Union in Cork said “As credit unions we’re here to meet our member’s needs. Providing a finance option for bikes and electronic bikes has emerged as a new priority and need for our community”.

“As an organisation at the heart of the community, it’s important that we meet the changing needs of our members. It’s also imperative that community members realise that credit unions are here for all their needs and not just savings and car loans. This is an opportunity to help expand people’s understanding of what their credit unions can be used for”.

As part of the electronic bicycle network credit unions will be the local finance option for the electronic bicycles, working alongside the other stakeholders. This initiative will be led by a collection Cork Credit Unions and the group are hopeful that other credit unions in the county will join forces to ensure the success of this important scheme.  

Stay tuned to see how this scheme evolves and the exciting new opportunities it brings to the people of Cork.