Quick Bathroom Hacks

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14 Sep 2020

Like anywhere in the house, doing up the bathroom can be as expensive as you want it to be! From baths to sinks, towels and mirrors, bathrooms can have it all. For a room that is in constant use, it is important that firstly everything works and secondly that it suits your lifestyle.

As part of our House2Home series, this blog will take you through our top hacks that will see you transform your bathroom!


Adding accessories to your bathroom is a quick and inexpensive way to update this part of the house. Accessories can be as simple as soap dispensers, tooth brush holders or storage jars. But, however small, accessories can transform your bathroom. Large homeware shops such as IKEA can cater for all your bathroom accessory needs, but why not think of supporting a small local business and see what they have to offer.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors are a must have in your bathroom. While mirrors are particularly practical, they also create the illusion of more space. In most homes, the bathroom is a small space, so creating a bigger feel to the area is a welcome addition. Adding a mirror above the sink can make the room appear almost double in size! Mirrors are also important if there is no window present in the bathroom itself.


Bathroom storage is essential and ensuring your storage area is both practical and stylish is a good place to start. While shelving is a great investment for you bathroom in a practical sense, it can also become a decorative feature of your bathroom. Shelving can be home to the essentials like soap and toothpaste, but it can also be home to decorative features such as plants and candles, which will give it a decorative feel. Shelving can also be a perfect home for towels and any extras that are needed in the bathroom but not always used.


Lighting is important in every room in your house, but it is of particular importance to have good lighting in your bathroom. A bathroom is one of the spaces in the house that can be used throughout the entire 24 hours in a day. Lighting can make or break a room so switching it up could be all your bathroom needs to make it feel brand new(ish). Get rid of any harsh overhead lighting you might have and replace it with softer shade or, if you have the budget, add some warm wall lights that could completely change the vibe of your room. 


If you don’t have a lot to spend, consider painting walls in your bathroom. Repainting will be the cheapest and, perhaps, the most effective way to give your bathroom a new look. If going for a paint option, it is important to invest in good quality paint. This is due to the fact that the bathroom exhibits moisture from taps, showers or baths. Investing in good quality paint will ensure your bathroom design lasts longer with minimal damage!

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