Small Bathroom Design Ideas: Roisin Murphy

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01 Sep 2020

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If you're renovating or building a small bathroom, you're probably are wondering how to make it appear more spacious, and how to use it to the best of your ability. 

As part of our House2Home series where we’ll be sharing advice and top tips on renovating and redecorating, architect, interior designer, and presenter of RTE’s Home Rescue’s Roisin Murphy tells us exactly how to make use of the most common small room in the house: the small bathroom.

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Natural Light

'A small bathroom needs natural light - If you can get it in there go for it.'


Cleaning and Levels

'But the things to remember with a small bathroom is cleaning - first and foremost. Ty have a single slab of stone and lots of mosaic tiles, and as few changes in levels as possible.'

 'Try not to have a shower tray, as it can be a bit messy while you're cleaning. A single stone shower tray could work. Another thing that might work is a toilet that’s raised up on the wall -  so you’re not having to clean around the small crevices small spaces. Dirt really gets really trapped in places like that.' 


Bathroom Pipework

'The other thing you can do is expose your piper work -  it’s normally hidden. Express it. You can make features out of odd things. If it’s going to be a tiny bathroom, you need do something quirky in it.'


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