Ten Trending Garden Furniture Ideas

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14 May 2020

Above image from Kettler.co.uk

Just when did war-of-the-stunner-gardens start? This summer has thrown up some killer patches around the country - and with flame heaters, wood fire pits and rattan furniture around every hedge, the pressure is mounting to recreate the perfect Costa De Le Back Yard.

Fear not though, we’ve rounded up a list of the most popular garden searches in Ireland at the moment - so you too can post a killer pic on Instagram for that #GardenLife.

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1. Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is in fact from the leaves of a tropical palm tree, and we know it as the material our outdoor furniture is made from. Rattan Garden Furniture is stunning and it seems this summer anyone who’s anyone has a corner sofa in muted grey, darling.

Rattan Cube.ie is an Irish company who produce high quality rattan furniture, but you can also get it at most normal garden furniture suppliers, with cheaper reproductions on some deal websites.

2. Pergola

A rare lake bird? A wind-proof rain jacket? No, just the latest craze to grace the Irish garden. Basically it’s a fancy name for a wooden garden shelter, a structure which is dotting more and more plots recently. You can have an open top structure, or adorn it with a trellis and hang vines and flowers, or a canopy. Gorge.

You can purchase materials from sites like Awnings.ie, or even have a stab at building your own – check out some instructions on B&Q’s DIY section.


3. Fire Burning Pit

Burning wood in a central pit can feel authentically outdoorsy and you can opt for a large stone pit or a cheaper fire basket - with these smaller options starting at fifty quid and IKEA’s option even cheaper. This warming and pretty slick-looking garden feature can even be re-created yourself – why not try self-build by reading tips here

4. Hammock

A simple addition to any garden is the trusty hammock – tried and test over time. There’s a lovely Corkonian company specialising in all types of hammocks if you’d like to support local.


5. Wood Burning Stove

These are the most expensive outdoor-heater options, and garden models are replicas of indoor stoves. Another stove type you could opt for is a chimnea. With their simple stone design and long structures to let smoke escape upward, they are proving very popular with Irish gardens. La Hacienda is a popular brand that supplies all types of outdoor heaters to the UK and Irish markets.

6. Hanging Egg Chair

Another garden furniture staple that has taken off in recent years is the egg chair, and it's something which adds a touch of the exotic. While many can set you back €200-300 quid, you could find a sneaky bargain like this one here for just €40. This beautiful one could set you back a few bob, but if you want to splash out it’s made from rattan.


7. Flame Gas Heater

The regular  gas patio heaters are slowly being replaced by the more elegant flame gas heaters. You can opt for a top quality version from outdoors.ie, like the one pictured to the right, or hunt online for some more bargains.

8. Composite Decking

This easily inserted, low maintenance decking is an alternative to timber decking that can be made from plastic and recycled material and can brighten up any patio, balcony or flat surface. Aldi were doing a version in their garden sale, but if they’re all gone you can check out other suppliers online.

9. Fence Panelling

Like the hammock, you can’t go wrong with a good ole’ fence. What’s more, fence panelling is not that expensive and can be done at home. B&Q’s DIY section has some really nice options from beauitful black to laced designs.

10. Swing Seats

Swing seats or chairs never went out of fashion. The double-seater set is a chill way to spend the afternoon swinging gently under the canopy. They come in at various prices, we found this one here on amazon slightly on the lower scale.