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The Complete Cost of a Garden Renovation

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17 Jul 2020

House2Home: The Complete Guide to Renovating or Redecorating

What is the price-tag for a perfect patch? How much does it cost for a complete garden redesign? Of course it all depends on how much you can do yourself, the size of your garden, who you might employ to do the work.

This month, as part of our House2Home Series where we’re sharing expert advice, resources and tips on renovating or redecorating, we're talking all things garden and below you'll find a breakdown of costs associated with redesigning and landscaping. You can also read our blog here with top garden designer Frances McDonald where she tells you everything you need to know from cost to design styles.


Average-Large Garden Design


When we interviewed garden designer Frances McDonald, she said: ‘Cost of design depends not always on the size of the garden but on the amount of detail in it.

The last suburban garden that we designed and then landscaped with lawn, raised beds and borders, patios etc. cost about €10,500 including design.’

On landscaping websites, we found prices of average size gardens ranging from €8,000-€14,000 which included the delivery of the work and the design fees.


Small Gardens or Front Garden Design


Again, depending on the level of detail you want to achieve (patios/raised beds, water features) prices could fluctuate hugley, but when we looked around, small or front gardens averaged between €4,000-€8,000 for design and completion of works.


Garden Designer Cost


And, we hear you ask, how much of that cost is the actual design work? One general rule of thumb is that fees are a percentage of the overall cost of your garden redesign project. That percentage can between 8%-20% of the overall price.

Garden Design Dublin quote design prices (separate to landscaping work) on their website that depend on the size of your garden, which we've listed beow. 

€650 for a small garden, (50m sq-100m sq)
€750 for an average size, (100m sq to 250m sq)
€895 for a large garden (250m sq-500m sq)
€995 for an extra large garden (500m sq to 1,000m sq)

We’d also recommend ringing around to get a few quotes and see what type of designer and/or landscaper might suit your needs, and what their prices are. Remember – a designer might not do landscaping or visa versa, but you could get someone who can do both; which could save yourself some money.


You can also keep an eye out for more great #House2Home content across FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.  If you need any help with budgeting or financial support with your project, (big or small) don’t hesitate to contact your local credit union - we’re here to help.