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The Complete Cost of an Attic Conversion

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01 Nov 2019

It’s the sad, dusty place where the fake Christmas tree and some boxes of things that you’ll never use but just can’t throw out live. A couple of times a year, you get a stick with a little gold hook and yank on the cubby hole to climb up the ‘Stira’ installed yonks ago. Ah yes, the untapped Narnia – the attic. All that space, a haven of light, going to waste! The possibilities - a new bedroom, an office, a walk in wardrobe… a man cave.

If you’re thinking about an attic conversion but are weighing up the costs, we’re here to lay out all the price tags. And, as always, if you have any queries about how to finance your project  you can simply pop us a loan enquiry to have a quick chat.


Basic attic conversion cost – €15,000

First things first: many attics you see might not be deemed ‘habitual’ by the building regulator and are supposed to be used as storage - but a lot of people still use the space as a spare bedroom or an office. The starting price of a basic attic conversion of this type is approximately €15,000 on Tradesman.ie.

Attic conversion cost with ceiling height – €30,000

In order to increase the standard of your conversion to meet building regulations as a habitual space, there is a minimum height requirement for your ceiling. This type of work could end up costing nearly double the starting costs – but does increase the value of your property, so could end up benefiting in the long term.

Attic conversion cost with ensuite – €4,500

If you go for the basic €15,000 attic conversion which a lot of people opt for, installing an ensuite with this might cost you an addition €4,500. If you went for the €30,000 option, it could be €34,500 with an ensuite.

Attic roof-lights cost – €410

Velux is the brand leader in this space and it can cost from €410 depending on what size you go for.

Attic conversion with balcony –  €2,500

If you’re looking to really make use of the space another option is building a window which also doubles as a balcony – nice. This could add an additional €2,500 to whatever work you have decided on. 

So there you have it – a break down of all the top line costs to converting your attic – and we’re more than happy to chat to help you make this dream into a financial reality. Submit a loan enquiry today if you’d like to see your options.

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