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The Complete Guide to Home Renovation Costs

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18 Oct 2019

It all started with the idea for a new kettle, a new curtain rail here and ah, look – the odd lick of paint – sure what’s the harm? Brighten the place up a little. Before you know it you’re organising weekly meetings with that hot-shot Parisian interior designer, knee deep in pre-renaissance oil paintings and ornamental fig trees aside an orbiting light feature-come-sculpture-come-sound system. We’re here to sit you down gently, look you square in the eye and ask - do you really need that Japanese walled garden, Karen? Do you? 

If you’re embarking on home improvements and renovations, it can help to look at all the costs and areas that are most beneficial to invest in. This can help you can decide what suits your budget and also if you might need help financing your project - and that's where we can help out, with any queries you have.

List your Home Renovation Costs

Making a list of everything you need from the outset is a good idea, because your project can grow arms and legs and you could end up going over budget. Don’t forget that each piece of work could have a knock on effect, so even though you started out wanting a new kitchen – don’t forget about things like paint (approx. €30 per tub) wiring, plumbing, floors (€35p/sqm) lighting, windows and more. Things do build up, and you could be looking at a much bigger bill than previously thought. 

Invest in Renovations that Matter

Prioritise – although those glass countertops in cerise pink might be all the rage, in 20 years’ time they could haunt your nightmares - (and let’s face it, glass cerise countertops chasing you down a dark lane is nothing short of terrifying) - and then you’re right back to square one. 

It might make more sense to invest in things that will have longevity and make your home more comfortable. Investing in insulation is worthwhile as it also lowers your heating bills. This article explains more in-depthly the costs of energy upgrades and how much you could potentially save in the long run. 

Entire Home Renovation Costs

The Irish Times quote €1,000 and €1,500 per square metre for an existing house – and €3,000 to €4,000 for new build work. “A rule of thumb is you should expect to spend between €1,000 to €15,00 per square metre to renovate an existing house. That money should, first and foremost, go into the fabric of the house.”

Kitchen Renovation Costs

Renovating a kitchen can cost anywhere between €8,000 to €10,000. Tiles can cost from €20 to €50 per m2  , a bath with a shower from €385 and up, and a bathroom suite €249.

Bathroom Renovation Costsbathroom-renovation-cost

It could cost from €8,000-€10,000 in total, depending. 
Broken down,  a new bathroom can cost up to €5,000 for the fit, €249 for a toilet and sink (The Bathroom Factory) €20-€30m for tiles per sq.m, (House of Tiles) and a bath and shower €385 (The Bathroom Factory). 

Attic Conversion Costs

An entire attic conversion could set you back about €15,000 as a starting price (Tradesman.ie).

Garden Renovation and Landscaping garden-landscaping

According to tradesman.ie, landscaping for a large garden would cost €7,000.



It can be easy to see how costs can build up and before you know it you could be looking at an average of €40,000-€50,000 to renovate a few rooms in your house. 
Once you’ve decided on what rooms/works to prioritise and made a list of the different components and their average costs – you should have a rough idea of the total budget for your work. Then it might just be time to enquire about financing your project - and who better to chat to then your friendly, local credit union loan officer? Go on, make that enquiry today and take the first step... 

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