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The Complete Cost of a Family Staycation in Ireland

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11 Jun 2021

Trying to guess the cost of any family holiday is like measuring string. You could sit in a tent in a field and eat ham sandwiches for a few days, or you could live it up in a five-star resort for a week - somewhere in between is where most families will settle, and it’s from there we’ll base our tally.

We’ve based the average price of an Irish Staycation on a four day break for a family of four in mid-range accommodation, by comparing prices across a range of websites and businesses. (This is by no means a completely accurate list, but might give you a fair ballpark). We’ve also split certain costs based holiday type – self-catering, glamping or hotels.


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Self-Catering, Group

At the higher end of the scale, some self-catering cottages were charging over €1,200 for four nights, for four people on the weekend.

But on average, self-catering accommodation on Booking.com came to around €50 per person per night.

Approx Cost for 4 nights: €800



This new(ish) fad has really swept the country, but how much does glamping cost? Short answer – it’s not too bad.

Checking a few glamping websites, the average price for a yurt that sleeps four people was quoted at €200 for two nights, and €280 for two weekend nights.

Approx Cost for 4 nights: €480



Many hotels are offering family deals for two or four night stay. Looking at four-star hotels in Galway and Cork city; they quoted approx. €1,040 for a family room for four nights.

Approx Cost for 4 nights: €1,040


Food and Drink


Again, you can really splurge or scrimp with a quick burger or top notch fine dining; but we can find the average price of a meal in Ireland by looking at average prices of mid-range restaurants.

On numebo, the cost of eating in Ireland at a mid-range restaurant for two people was quoted between €45-€100.

Lunch and breakfast was quoted cheaper;  €15 per person. For a family of four, this could reach €40 for each, per day.

Taking into account alcoholic beverages; they were quoted at an average of €6 each every day. 

Approx Cost for food and drinks: €810



With self-catering and camping, you can obviously buy your own food for less, but According to budget our trip.com, the average price of buying breakfast, lunch and dinner in Ireland is €30 per day, per person.

Approx Cost for cooking meals/food: €480



Adventure parks such as Alive Outside offer family adventure packages, with a day full of activities such as archery and obstacle courses. They quote €24 per person.

Another activity, like go karting for a family of four was quoted at €39 per person for 30 minutes.

Outdoor waterparks are now a thing, too, and they’re charging €22 per adult, and €20 per child.
If you are visiting a pet farm or a wildlife reserve, these might be a little cheaper, with some charging approx €7 for adults and €5 for children. (Dublin Zoo prices were much higher.)

So taking those activities into account over the course of four days, you could spend a pretty penny. Alternatively, you could also just go on a nice, budget-friendly hike…

Approx Cost for activities: €360



If you’re not forking out for taxis, it’s fuel. Taking the drive from Dublin to Cork City for an example, (259km) at a rate of 133.8c per litre, it would cost approx €80 in unleaded there and back.

Taking into account about 80km in driving around sight seeing etc.; that could come closer to €92 for fuel.

Approx cost for fuel: €92



And, what about the random things that always pop up? Icecreams, presents, holiday treats. You could say an extra 10% of the total – which has come to €2,300 for four days.

With contingency added, the approx cost of what you might spend on a staycation as a family of four over four nights, is €2,530.


 The content of this blog is aimed to provide general advice and information to the public only. Figures are not exact or always 100% accurate, but an approximation of prices. 

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