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The Credit Union Junior Savers Reward Scheme

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19 Sep 2021

Each year during Junior Savers Week, our favourite Junior Saver Monster Bobbi is on hand to share some savings tips and her very own saving story!

Credit Unions also run a number of initiatives to promote the habit of saving with younger members – including a new Junior Savers Reward Scheme, with Reward/Sticker cards to help children save!


This scheme is only available in participating credit unions: Check if your local credit union is offering the Junior Savers Reward/ Sticker Card, here


What is the Juniors Savers Reward Scheme?

 Collect a Junior Savers Sticker card for free in participating credit unions nationwide. The aim of the card is to help children keep track of their savings journey, with spaces for stamps or stickers.


How can children use their Junior Savers Sticker/Reward Card?  

Each time a young member saves money in their local credit union between certain dates, they will receive a sticker on their card.  In some credit unions, if a member completes their card, (when they have saved four or more times) they will also receive a free gift and/or be entered into a draw to win a prize.

In some cases, every time a child completes a Junior Savers Sticker card, €10 will also be donated to their local school.


3. What if my child isn’t a member of a credit union?

You can easily open a credit union account by dropping into a local office. You can find more information on opening an account for your child here.

 Once your child is a member, and their credit union is participating in the Junior Savers Reward Scheme, they can pick up a Junior Savers sticker card and lodge money the same day.


4. Can my child sign up through their local school?

Local schools may be promote the scheme inform parents and children about it, but all younger savers must first become a credit union member directly with their local credit union before participating in the Junior Savers Reward Scheme.


5. Can my child complete more than one card?

Yes, in most cases, if there are in stock, and if it is within the dates stipulated by your local credit union, young members can complete as many cards as they like.


6. Is there a minimum amount of savings that can be lodged?

Each credit union may have a different minimum amount to be lodged, which may start from €1.

7. What can my child win or recieve if they complete the card?

This will depend on each participating credit union, in some cases, it might be an object like a child’s Fitbit, or in others, a voucher or money. Every credit union may have different kinds of rewards.


Available in participating credit unions only. Cards only available while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply, and may vary depending on each credit union.