The Most Relaxing Colours for your Home

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05 Nov 2019

The last thing you want when you walk in the door after a rough day in the office is an eye-jarring colour screaming back down at you from your walls. Or a hue that makes you feel physically ill when you turn the lights on. (‘Basic brown’ anyone? Thought not.) Muted and calm shades are the most relaxing colours for your home. This is why grey hues and faded greens have been so popular recently. They create calm and serene spaces. And this is exactly what you need after that soul-crushing three hour Friday afternoon meeting right?

Trending colours are fine when choosing a palette for your home. But just ensure you’ll still love ‘punk-rock pink’ in a few month’s time when you’ve spent the day battling the urge to launch your PC through the nearest window.

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And read on to find out the most relaxing colours for your home.

Relaxing and timeless

cosy-living-roomGreys have seen a big resurgence in the past few years. And with good reason. Grey shades are amongst the most relaxing colours for your home. Muted greys are also hugely versatile and are easy to match to an existing colour schemes. Or, if you’re accessorising to match your wall colours, cushions, throws and rugs in soft shades of pinks, greens or beiges will add to the serene vibe. Crisp white accessories will create a more elegant and sophisticated space, while also being relaxing.

Check out this aptly named Zen Retreat from Colourtend which will have you feeling well…..zen! Among their other shades of greys are Vintage Silver and Ivory Tusk which will also have you feeling chilled out.
You’re less likely to get fed up with grey shades than short-lived trends like marigold yellows or petrol blues. So they have the added advantage of being timeless and giving you bang for your buck. We reel relaxed already.

Relaxing and tranquil

relaxing-bedroomWhen choosing the most relaxing colours for your home, your bedroom should be one of the most important rooms you consider. Your bedroom should be an oasis of calm and tranquillity. A space where you can clear your mind and get a refreshing night’s sleep. But that’s going to be pretty challenging if the nightmare-inducing effect of your royal purple walls has you fleeing the bed. Sure, you’re always super early for work, but those bags under your eyes won’t be thanking you.

Well you’ll be looking a lot more refreshed if you choose shades like a calming lavender instead of the afore-mentioned purple. Green is the colour of the natural world, so green walls can inspire feelings of serenity. Keep the rest of the room neutral if you opt for a strong green. Or, choose a soft green with grey undertones. Again, greys will work really well in your bedroom. Soft grey will have a soothing presence, while a dark grey with a blue undertone will have a cool and calm effect.


Relaxing and comforting

If you do want to stick with trends, the Pantone Colour of the Year is usually a good bet. (Except possibly for 2012’s Tangerine Tango. Yikes!) The 2019 colour of the year was Living Coral. Described as vibrant but mellow, warm and nourishing - it’s all the things you want to feel while chilling in your living room! Its golden undertone means it’s easy to mix with other wall colours or home accessories in soft beiges or greys. With these shades working together, you’ll be on to one of the most relaxing colour schemes for your home.

Relaxing and stress-busting

The kitchen is the heart of the home – and the place where you’ll probably want the most relaxing colour for your home. It’s often where the most time is spent over dinners, coffees, glasses of wine, tears, laughter and everything in between. Of course it’s also the place where all the cooking happens – and that can get hot and heated at times. So it’s essential to create a relaxing vibe in your kitchen. This can easily be achieved with wall colours and/or kitchen cabinet colours.

Need we say it again? Greys will work a treat here, especially on kitchen cabinets. Timeless and soothing, you won’t be in a rush to overhaul the kitchen any time soon. Soft or barely-there greens invoke images of nature. Green hues will work really well with any wood finishings you have. Light or ice blue hues are popular in kitchens as they’ll ensure a chilled out feel. If you want to go darker and make a statement, think navy, blue-greens and even black for ultra modern chic. But break it up with lighter coloured cabinets and finishings. White may seem a risky choice for a kitchen, but warmer shades of white will work well with the darker shades. Check out Fleetwood’s Most Popular Colours section for more inspiration.

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