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10 Budget-Friendly Halloween Activities for Kids

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28 Oct 2020

With outdoor activity centres, days out, festivals and children’s camps cancelled - the scariest part of this Halloween is the thought of keeping certain little people confined within four walls and a 5km limit. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten budget-friendly things you can do from the safety of your home.

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Things to Do with Kids at Home this Halloween


1. Online Halloween Events


If you’re too busy to create activities yourself, why not sign up to the many online events that are happening on Halloween week and weekend? Below we’ve linked to some family friendly events that you might be interested in.


2. Halloween Family Quiz 

Why not hold a Halloween family quiz? You can check out these family-friendly Halloween quizzes with questions and answers, to get you started: Hertfordshire News, National Geographic, and NSPCC.


3. Halloween Treasure Hunt 

A Halloween themed treasure hunt with clues is spooktactular idea to keep kids active, running around, and engaged in the lead up to Halloween.

You can find steps and downloadable, printable clues here.



4. Halloween Muffins and Toffee Apples


Toffee apples, barmbrack, Halloween muffins – get everyone baking, and have a prize for scariest decorations.
Here’s a delicious recipe to some crispy, sweet toffee apples.


5. Traditional Halloween Games

An age-old tradition, but one that should be kept alive. Bobbing apples, fishing for penneys, mummy wrap.
Here’s a list of all the traditional Halloween games you might have played as a kid. Why not relive them?


6. Pumpkin Carving/Painting

Have a pumpkin carving competition. Aldi and Lidl have a range of pumpkins in different sizes, shapes and colours – you could create a pumpkin family, or a rockstar pumpkin band. Sometimes carving can be too dangerous for smaller ones, so why not let them paint faces and stick wool wigs on the pumpkins instead?


7. Horror Story Competition

Ask your budding writers to compose their very own creepy Halloween horror story on two A4 pages, complete with illustrations.
To get them started, here’s 7 creepy Halloween story prompts.



8. Halloween Song Contest

Thriller, Monster Mash, Creep – pick a number of Halloween tunes and get the kids to make up their own dance routine for each one. Here’s some song ideas to get you started.


9. Make Halloween Costumes

As well as the very snazzy shop-bought costumes, why not try make some costumes at home and let the kids help? Here’s some great ideas for DIY costunes.


10. Halloween Movie Marathon

Maybe an obvious one to do, but why not let the kids create movie theatre leaflets with a a programme of their favourite movies, a menu of their favourite movie sweets, as well as cardboard, striped popcorn boxes? Making an event can make it more fun, as well as something to look forward to every evening, or on the weekend. 

Here's a list of family Halloween movies on Netflix.