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Top Trending Car Searches 2020

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23 Jul 2020

As we tip into the second half of the year, the car market is slowly rearing its head again, albeit with very few 202 cars on the road: car sales are down 35% from last year.

But there has been a pent up surge in the car market, with car searches on the up, and perhaps an appetite for car buyers to gobble up some of the price offers on second hand cars at the moment. Below, we take a look at some of the most searched for car terms this year. 

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1. Audi A4

The current version is said to be one of Audi’s best-selling models of its class and it topped the list as the model for the most increased searched this year. 

An upgrade from 2019 made improved the softness, comfort and technology.

Image: Audi.ie


2. Dacia +350%

The Dacia was another model with a significant increase in searches in 2020 and this could be to do with the value for money – the Sandero the cheapest of the range, starting at €14,540, that’s not bad for a 4x4 SUV.

Image: Dacia.com


3. Diesel Engine +300%

Although not technically a car model, this search term came up near the top of the list which shows Ireland’s withholding preference for the diesel engine; which as of 2018, account for three quarters of all used cars on our roads.


4. Toyota Avensis +250%

Irish searches for this little car is unsurprisingly high, as the Toyota Avensis has always been firm favourite for businesses and taxi drivers due to its low running costs, competitive price, comfort and reliability.

Image: Toyota.com


5. Jaguar Cars +250%

Jaguar still tops the poll as one of the most popular luxury cars brands, and the new XF and XE means the brand is enjoying a bit of a resurgence.  

Image: Jaguar.com


6. Volkswagon +170%

The Volkswagon golf remains one of Volkswagon’s best selling models, over the classic beatle. It’s known for being higher than average in terms of reliability and doesn’t cost too much for repairs.

Image: Car Buyer.co.uk


7. Nissan Micra +170%

Known as being one of the most reliable and best selling cars around which has stood the test of time, the bulk of technology within the engine of the little Nissan Micra has been tried and tested.

Image: Nissan.ie


8. Toyota Yaris Sub-Compact Car +130%

Although a staple, household name up there with the Micra, the Volkwasgon and the Avensis, the Toyota Yaris is probably seeing a surge in searches for the emission factor; the model is offered in both petrol and hybrid versions.

Image: Toyota.ie


9. Ford Fiesta Mark 3 – +100%

A classic car, and the third generation fiesta to come out in 1989 - apparently the first model to come in a choice of three or five door body styles… and even a heated windscreen. wow.

A surge in searches for this old car is interesting, as vintage car searches are also up.

Image: Auto Trader.co.uk

10. Opel - +100%

The now French-owned car brand has the hugely popular Astra model, which could explain their popularity in searches. The Astra was dubbed the best car in the fiercely competitive family hatch-back class. 

Image: Opel.com


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