Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation (ILCU Foundation)

is now inviting applications for the position of

FinTech/IT Adviser

POSITION:           FinTech/IT Adviser
DEPARTMENT:   International Development Foundation
REPORTING TO: International Development Programme Manager

The Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation (ILCU Foundation) seeks to recruit, on a part-time basis, a suitably qualified professional to be based in Dublin.


The ILCU Foundation’s mission is to alleviate poverty in developing countries by supporting credit unions, their representative bodies and other cooperative type organisations as a means for socio-economic development through the provision of financial and technical assistance. Over the last thirty years, the Foundation has worked to strengthen the role of credit unions and savings and credit cooperatives in developing countries by sharing the success of the Irish credit union movement.

The specialist focus of the Foundation is long-term technical assistance and training, to improve the quality and efficiency of nascent credit union movements in programme countries. The Foundation uses its experience and expertise to provide contextually appropriate transfer of skills and expertise to partners, helping them to develop sustainable structures, procedures and practices to alleviate poverty. The Foundation is currently engaged in assisting credit union movements across three continents, with programmes and projects in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Zimbabwe, Albania, Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia.


The purpose of the role is to assist ILCUF as it supports its partner organisations in modernising their operations by appropriately using technology to meet local needs.

The tasks for this position will be specified in the Terms of Reference for each assignment agreed with the Adviser. Currently, ILCUF is looking for an Adviser who has training, experience and expertise to deal with the assignments such as:

• Assist in the selection of software (e.g. by assessing the fundamental design and quality of programming, functionality, usability, performance, supportability, security, potential for further development, affordability, value-for-money etc.)
• Conduct IT system audits and evaluations where necessary
• Carry out IT risk assessments (including business continuity)
• Carry out IT training needs assessments
• Provide basic training to ILCUF Technical Advisers, to enhance their understanding of IT related issues relevant to their work
• Assist with the selection of appropriate hardware
• Review and assist in the development of IT manuals; IT policies and procedures; technical notes
• Develop methodologies relevant to the above tasks, clearly indicating their limitations
• Assist in the development of strategies enabling ILCUF to make better use of modern technology in its work, by informing ILCUF on the innovations in digital financial services (particularly those suitable for the poor and marginalised)
• Provide input into project design with regard to management information systems, digital financial services, connecting to national payment platforms and overall latest modern technology where it can assist in addressing challenges faced in the achievement of ILCUF strategic goals, e.g. expanding the range of financial services for the poor, often semi/illiterate and innumerate people, living in remote areas with a lack of basic infrastructure.



The key requirements for this position are:

• A third level qualification in a relevant discipline e.g. computer science, IT.
• Proven experience in software development projects, in particular software for Credit Unions/microfinance/banking
• A good understanding of the IT/FinTech issues in credit unions gained in a management/adviser/consultant position dealing with CU operations and IT.
• Good report-writing skills
• Ability to effectively communicate with non-experts in IT as well as communicate well remotely
• An interest in working as part of a small team and making a real contribution, to support ILCUF’s mission and values.

Desirable criteria include:

• An understanding of the development issues faced in Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular in the areas of financial services and rural development.
• 3-5 years of work experience in IT/FinTech in CU movement.

ILCU Foundation is an equal opportunities employer.

Job location:  Dublin, with occasional travel to Africa.
Job type:        6-month part-time contract, up to 1-1.5 weeks per month.
Hours:             flexible

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to Closing date 15 July 2017.