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Irish League of Credit Unions

Technology Architect


Job Title:           Technology Architect
Reporting to:    CIO
Status:              2 year Fixed Term Contract



Credit unions look out for their members' interests and provide a level of service that generally is not available at other financial institutions. Each credit union is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that exists solely for the benefit of its members, not stockmarkets. Credit unions have members, not customers, and membership is open to people who have a unique ‘common bond’ with other members of the credit union. This can be based on the area the members live in, the occupation they work in, or the employer they work for.
In 2021, for an unprecedented seventh consecutive year, credit unions have claimed the top position for the best customer experience in Ireland at the official CXi awards
Not only do they meet their members’ expectations, they continue to exceed them.


The Team

The Technology Architect will join a new multi-disciplinary Technology Advisory team, which is being established by the Irish League of Credit Unions. The team is focussed on providing advisory services and support to credit unions in the areas of technology, digital and data analytics.  The goal of the team is to

  • Promote effective utilisation of technology and digital by credit unions and their members

  • Support credit unions in delivering a digital member experience which matches the excellent “in person” physical member experience

  • Support greater consistency and standardisation in the use of technology by credit unions

  • Help credit unions achieve value for money from their technology investments by leveraging economies of scale.

The advisory service will provide ICT advice to Credit Unions and support structured collaboration between credit unions. The scope of the team includes promotion of a good cyber resilience controls framework to credit unions, building up a view of IT practices within the Movement and providing direction to credit unions on technology and digital. Over time, the function will develop a rich knowledge base for credit unions covering technology utilisation, standards and industry best practices.
The end-state vision of the advisory service sees all credit unions leveraging technology & digital to help credit unions to better serve their members and achieve their strategic business objectives.


This Position

The desired outcome for this position is the creation and ongoing maintenance of a rich knowledge base of credit union relevant technology assets and artefacts, written in an accessible and easy to understand way. The knowledge base is intended to be used by credit unions as they develop and execute their business strategies with the support of technology and digital capability.
To deliver on this outcome the architect will develop a good understanding of the current and future technology needs of credit unions, develop collaboration networks between credit unions to support knowledge sharing and engage with credit union suppliers to help ensure that they develop fit for purpose solutions to meet credit union needs.
The initial focus of the role will primarily be in the Infrastructure and Cyber domains. As the knowledge base matures in these domains, the focus will extend to develop the knowledge base for the application and digital domains.
The role reports to the ILCU Chief Information Officer.



Develop Credit Union Engagement & Community, promote structured collaboration and establish knowledge base

  • Engage with Credit Union Technology Managers to harness the experience of individuals and credit unions to deliver technology improvements through the sharing of ideas, tools and lessons

  • Promote structured collaboration, identifying and encouraging credit unions, user groups, core banking system providers and infrastructure providers to engage in knowledge sharing and contribute to the knowledge base

  • Secure existing credit union infrastructure blueprints / topology diagrams from the Technology Managers

Engage with key stakeholders including User Group Chair, CU leaders, infrastructure providers and other 3rd parties

  • Engage with the user groups to get their perspective on the current core banking platforms and related technologies and the technology infrastructure needs and expectations of the user groups (e.g., multi-branch performance, off premise solutions)

  • Engage with the infrastructure providers to understand the current technical architectures for Credit Unions

  • Engage with CUSOP and Payac on the approach to systems integration with the core banking systems; understand future infrastructure requirements (e.g., SEPA Instant)

Engage with the core banking system providers

  • Engage with the core banking system service providers to understand the technical and application architectures of the products and related technologies and future roadmaps

  • Review existing technical architecture documents and topology diagrams for the respective products

  • Review and query the future product roadmap to understand the scope of new features, with the initial focus being on “grow the loan book” features

  • Review existing architecture documents to understand the current integration approaches (both batch and real-time/transactional)

Develop Infrastructure blueprints

  • Develop infrastructure blueprints and topology maps for both single-site and multi-site credit unions (with the requirements described in layman’s language but with cross-referencing to industry terms)

  • Prepare standard infrastructure procurement templates based on these blueprints which can be used by credit unions to procure infrastructure and related managed services

  • Extend knowledge base to include these blueprints

  • Provide advice and guidance to credit unions on how to use these documents in their business & IT operations

Promote Cyber Resilience IT Operational Controls

  • Capture the typical Cyber risks encountered by credit unions and the main mitigants (linked back to the infrastructure documents) and update to knowledge base

  • Promote the selected Cyber Resilience Operational Controls framework, including any tailoring needed for credit unions

  • Provide advice and guidance to credit unions on how to best adopt the framework for their credit unions and appropriate risk mitigations for their asset size

  • Update knowledge base with credit union cyber developments and lessons learned

Migration to Cloud / Data Centre Infrastructure

  • Complete assessments to establish what’s required to move from current on-prem solutions to a data centre hosted or cloud model. This will include review of the Office IT Apps, core banking system software and related 3rd party apps and the infrastructure layer including network bandwidth and resilience, security, licensing and costing.

  • Work with user groups to engage core banking system providers on the product roadmap developments need to ensure the migration to cloud / data centre is feasible and realistic


Essential Qualifications and Experience

  • Have a 3rd Level qualification in IT or a related discipline

  • Strong credibility for role through practical experience in the technology leadership and architecture in complex environments

  • Good understanding of infrastructure architectures (development, production/ execution and operations architectures)

  • Good understanding of network architectures and protocols for LAN and WAN

  • 10 years within a technical environment performing architecture & technical design and system analysis roles across technical domains.

  • Understanding of existing and emerging technologies.

  • Ability to build and maintain strong ongoing business relationships at a strategic level with internal and external stakeholders.


Desirable Qualifications and Experience

  • Good understanding of banking concepts and terminology

  • Detailed architecture experience in the relevant areas (Core Banking System, CRM, Sales & Marketing, Loan origination solutions, Application Integration)

  • Application/Data architecture Design and Development experience.

  • Proven leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to influence, work, establish and maintain influential relationships with stakeholders and cross functional team members

  • Understanding of project management concepts

  • Superior relationship and interpersonal skills 

Please submit CV with Cover letter via email to:

Margaret Davern, Chartered FCIPD, HR Adviser,
 Irish League of Credit Unions,
33 – 41 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2.
Email: mdavern@creditunion.ie

Closing date for applications is 3rd December 2021

The Irish League of Credit Unions is an equal opportunities employer