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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Credit unions pride themselves on putting the needs of their members first. In times of need, members have always turned to their local credit union for support. And during this challenging time, amidst all of doubt, uncertainty and worry which Covid-19 has brought, your local credit union will be on hand to help you. You'll find a listening ear, a reassuring voice and you'll be dealing with someone who will do what they can to provide you with the support that you need. 


Making Contact with your Credit Union

Many standard queries can be dealt with without visiting a credit union. Although the vast majority of credit union offices remain open during this time, we would encourage you, where possible, to contact your local credit union by phone or online. 

You may way wish to:

  • Phone and speak to a member of staff - although phone lines are busy, credit union personnel are doing everything possible to answer calls and queries in a timely manner

  • Submit a query via email - please check your credit union's webiste for the appropriate contact email. Depending on the query, a member of staff may need to contact you via phone to respond. 

  • Use Online Banking – most credit unions have an online banking facility where you can login to view your account. Please check your credit union's website to see if/ how you can access this facility.

Calling into your Credit Union

If you need to physically visit your credit union, please check the opening hours in advance. A member of staff will be on hand to help you with your query. Each credit union is implementing social distancing and other Covid-19 preventative measures and we would ask you to carefully observe and implenent these measures in order to keep everyone safe. Many credit unions are also making arrangements (such as dedicated access hours) for older and more vulnerable members. Please check your credit union's website for this type of information.

Credit Union Locator

You may wish to use the credit union locator to find contact details for your local credit union. Simply input your address and it will list your nearest credit unions. The locator displays the general contact details for the credit union, incuding phone, website, email and opening hours. Please note, it is always best to refer to your local credit union's website for the latest information, particularly in relation to opening hours.

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Loan Repayments

In this unprecedented time, credit unions recognise that many of their members will face unexpected hardship through unemployment and other events associated with COVID-19.

We are urging members to contact their local credit union, preferably by phone or on line, to discuss possible flexible arrangements regarding their loans over the coming months. We can assure members that they will be treated fairly and with empathy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions (and answers) in relation to credit union loans during this time. 


I’m concerned about my credit union loan repayment. What should I do?

Credit unions are fully aware of the impact which the COVID-19 pandemic has had on members and their local communities. Each credit union makes decisions at local level and members are advised to contact their credit union directly if they have any concerns in relation to loan repayments.
You may find your local credit union using the credit union locator by clicking here.

What is the process? Will I be charged if I restructure my loan?

Each credit union sets its own lending policy and has its own loan process. When you contact your credit union, a member of staff will be on hand to guide you through the process and explain to you what your options are. Credit unions do not charge rescheduling fees.

Are credit unions offering payment breaks or other relief on loan repaymenents?

In this difficult time, credit unions are committed to taking the time to understand each member's individual situation and to explore options which might be appropriate in each circumstance. For a member who is experiencing difficulty in repaying a loan, it may be necessary for the credit union to carry out a full credit assessment to determine the most appropriate approach. This may be a payment break or a more permanent solution such as restructuring the loan. 

All decisions of this nature will be made by the credit union at local level. You may find your local credit union using the credit union locator by clicking here.

Are credit unions still issuing loans?

Yes. Credit unions across the island are continuing to lend. Some credit unions are enabling in-branch applications, while others are enabling members to apply online.

I cannot get through to my credit union on the phone. What should I do?

Credit union staff are dealing with a very high volume of queries and are endeavouring to deal with each enquiry as quickly as possible. Please try to be patient if phone lines are busy. You may wish to make check out your credit union's website to see if you can find the information you need. Otherise, you can email the credit union with your query or you may be able to submit an online enquiry. 

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