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Brexit - A Practical Guide

Brexit negotiations are taking place against a backdrop of growing political uncertainty and change that will have significant implications for the future of the island of Ireland. With so much uncertainty, it might seem prudent to wait and see what happens and not expend valuable resources dealing in hypothetical scenarios. However, none of us can afford to take this approach. 

As an all-island and community based co-operative movement, credit unions are an essential part of the economic fabric of our local communities and are uniquely positioned to become localised Brexit knowledge hubs which are central to the efforts of local communities safeguarding the livelihood of our common bond members against the impact of Brexit.

Two years after the Brexit referendum we are now only too aware of the endless data, updates, news articles and commentary on Brexit. The purpose of this guide is not to reproduce this plethora of information but instead to distil and filter this data and translate it to a credit union context. 

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