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When do I get my art work back?

Depending on how far your piece of art progresses in the competition, art work will be returned to entrants when they are eliminated from judging. Art work that reaches National Final stage will be kept in possession of the Irish League of Credit Unions until after the competition.

How do I get an entry form?

Pop in to your local participating credit union who will have entry forms for you. They may also be available on your local credit unions website. Contact your local credit union directly for more information. You’ll find details of your local credit union here.

When is the closing date?

For stage 1, credit unions impose their own closing date to suit the schedule in the local area. Contact your local credit union for more.

Who can enter the credit union art competition?

Anyone can enter the Credit Union Art Competition! All ages and all abilities are welcome to submit an entry to the competition. The Credit Union Art Competition consists of two categories. The General Category and the Additional Needs Category, entries to the Additional Needs Category are invited from children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. Entrants in this category  can enter the competition free of the theme if they wish.

What art materials can be used? 

Entries to the Credit Union Art Competition can be drawn or painted in pencil, charcoal, pen or ink, felt-tip markers, crayon, pastel, water colours, gouache, acrylics, oils, poster colour or collage. Prints done from a lino block, wood block or any other method may also be submitted. No computer aided design (CAD) may be entered. No pieces of art under glass, as we cannot be responsible for its safe return.


Can I enter more than once?

Entrants to the Credit Union Art Competition may only enter the competition once in any given year.


When will winners be notified?

Winners of the Credit Union Art Competition will be notified by the credit union in which their entry came through. This will be done after the closing date of each stage.

What is a group entry? 

A group entry to the Credit Union Art Competition is an entry to the Additional Needs Category. Group entries can comprise of a mix of age groups and can enter free from the theme if they so wish.

Can I enter through my school/Independent of my school?

Entries to the Credit Union Art Competition can be done through your school or simply by popping in to your local credit union. You’ll find details of your local credit union here.

How will the pieces be judged ?

 Judging will take place at each stage of the competition. In the early stages of the competition, the competition is judged locally via your local credit union. Credit unions may also opt to enlist the help of local artists in the judging process.

The National Final staged it judged by well-known artists who have year of experience interpreting art from all ages and abilities. They look for creativity, flair and that special something. Their eagle eyes allow them to interpret every piece of art they encounter and step inside the thought process of the artists.

What is the prize/what do you get if you win? 

Throughout the three stages, successful artists will receive a prize from their respective local and regional sections. Winners of the National Final stage will receive a cash prize, which is presented at a National Ceremony in February. As well as the prizes on offer, the Credit Union Art Competition offers exposure for artists of all ages.


This free art competition provides a platform for artist to have their work seen by the public eye. With over 30,000 entries each year, the Credit Union Art Competition is a highly sought after competition to be a part of.


Is it a free to enter? 

The credit union art competition is a free Irish art competition open to all ages and abilities.

Do all credit unions participate in the Credit Union Art Competition

It is up to a credit union to decide if they wish to participate in the Credit Union Art Competition, so please contact your local credit union first to see do they participate.