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Publication of Policy Manifesto for Northern Ireland Credit Unions

Posted on: 25 Jan 2022

Publication of Policy Manifesto for Northern Ireland Credit Unions

The ILCU has published its policy manifesto for the upcoming assembly elections and next Assembly mandate in Northern Ireland

With one of the highest levels of credit union membership in the world, ILCU affiliated credit unions in Northern Ireland have some £1.8 billion in assets, with loans to members of approximately £540 million.

Approximately 36% of the population of Northern Ireland is a credit union member.

The Assembly designated credit unions as an essential service during the COVID-19 crisis. Credit unions took up that mantle and acknowledged their obligations to their members and the wider community by remaining open and steadfast in their commitment to providing key financial services during extremely difficult and trying days.

Credit unions are volunteer led organisations and have a long history of working to help their members and communities during challenging times.

The ILCU’s credit union movement manifesto policy sets out our current and future priorities. This document outlines the measures we are asking policy-makers to help us with so that together we can build the financial wellbeing of individuals and communities to the benefit of all.

We want to build sustainability within our movement and to play a full part in future economic growth in Northern Ireland.

You can read the policy manifesto here and a summary leaflet here