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Statement from Credit Unions following announcement of withdrawal of Provident from Irish market

Posted on: 30 Jun 2021

With the withdrawal of Provident Personal Credit Limited (Provident) and the decision by Amigo to pause all lending in the Irish market, credit unions are keenly aware that many of their existing and past customers will be affected. Credit unions remain rooted in local communities and wish to remind people that they are open to help with their personal financial needs.   
If a person’s previous lender of choice, in particular Provident, Amigo or another lender, is exiting or has paused lending in the Irish market, they may wish to get in contact with their local credit union where they’ll receive a warm welcome.  
Subject to the terms and conditions of the local credit union, people can apply for a loan and avail of the many services credit unions have to offer. If they previously had a credit union account but have not used it in a while, they may still be able to avail of credit union services.  
For those impacted by the recent decisions of banks and other loan providers, please contact your local credit union today.