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Have you had your Credit ReUnion?         

Have you had your Credit ReUnion?

For most people in Ireland, joining a credit union is a rite of passage. Indeed, Ireland has one of the highest rates of credit union membership of any country worldwide.

Whether you were became a credit union member as a child or joined up later in life, you continue to be a valued member of the credit union.

If you have not used your account in some time, your account may be classified as dormant. But don’t worry. Any shares you have deposited will remain in the credit union and will continue to be topped up by any dividend paid.

Reactivating your account is generally straightforward and your local credit union can talk you through the process.


You will generally be asked to provide the below for identification purposes, where the credit union does not hold adequate information on same:

  1. Photo identification
    (for example a passport or driving licence)
  2. Proof of address
    (for example a utility bill )


And for many credit unions, you will be able to apply for a loan immediately.

To find contact details of your local credit union, please visit the credit union locator.

If you wish to submit a loan enquiry to your local credit union, please click on the link below.

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Loans are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating which may limit your ability to access credit in the future.
Credit unions in the Republic of Ireland are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
Credit unions in Northern Ireland are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

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