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Start Money Smart Just for Fun Quiz – Scoring and General Information

  • This Quiz is for practice purposes only and is principally aimed at children between the ages of 7-12.
  • For this Practice Quiz, there are no prizes on offer (except the bragging rights of topping the online leaderboard!)
  • The Quiz contains 14 questions.
  • All questions within this Practice Quiz are multiple choice with four possible answers, with one being correct.
  • You will have two seconds to read each question before the four answers appear and the ten second answer timer starts.
  • You have ten seconds to answer each question and scoring is based on time to answer as follows: Maximum score for each question = 1,000 points, reducing by 1 point for each additional millisecond taken to answer.
  • There is no penalty for answering incorrectly or failing to answer.
  • The selection turns green if you answered correctly and red if you were incorrect.
  • At the end of the Quiz, users have the option of inputting their first name to see where they rank on the leaderboard. The name provided and the score will be listed on the Practice Quiz leaderboard. This information will not be used for any other purpose.
  • If you have any queries in relation to this Start Money SMART Just for Fun Quiz, please contact communications@creditunion.ie