Children's Savings

For when they want to buy their Lamborghinis, mansions or even their favourite sweets - with the credit union, helping children save has never been easier.  
Opening a children’s saving account is one of most important things a parent can do – and opening a children’s saving account with the credit union can not only contribute to a child’s future, but teaches them important planning, budgeting and money management skills - giving them vital building blocks needed throughout their lives.  
Each year at the beginning of May, the credit union’s national GR8 Savers campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of children saving.

What is the best way to help children save?

The best way to help children save is to build a children’s saving plan with achievable goals and fun, successful ways to save – including opening a savings account. Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Set a savings goal
  2. Create rewards for regular saving
  3. Create a timeline
  4. Open a savings account

For more detail and tips on how to get children saving, read our blog here.

Why and how do I set up a children’s saving account?

The best children’s savings account is a credit union savings account. Here’s why the credit union is a great place for your children to save:

  1. It has excellent customer service
  2. It is member owned
  3. It is community based
  4. It is not for profit

For more information on why credit unions are the best place for children’s savings, click here.
Take the first step to help your children save – contact your local credit union and open a children’s saving account today.