No Mountain High Enough for Connemara CU

Community 1 min read

07 May 2020

Around the country, towns and villages we’re due to take part in the Darkness Into Light Walk for Pieta House this Saturday 9th May. With the current pandemic we find ourselves in, large gatherings have taken a back seat for the moment. And with large gatherings gone, so are the opportunities for annual fundraising efforts for organisations throughout the country.

At the center of the Darkness Into Light appeal, Connemara Credit Union realised the impact of the event not going ahead would have on Pieta House’s fundraising initiatives. When the event started first in Connemara, the credit union was the starting point for the walk itself. Because of this, they recognized the importance of doing something in its place.

Elaine Connelly from Connemara Credit Union told us just what that might be!

With social distancing and restrictions still in place around the country, Connemara Credit Union have reduced the number of staff working in their office. Because of this there are now only three members of staff present in the office at any one time. With less movement around the office, there is more room for their innovative initiative to take place..

Starting on Friday the 8th of May, Elaine, Lorraine & Sue from Connemara Credit Union are climbing Carrantuohill – the highest mountain in Ireland. With restrictions in place, Elaine and her colleagues can’t climb the mountain itself and so have created an alternative way to complete their challenge.

Carrantuohill stands at 1039m in height, giving it the title of highest mountain in Ireland. For this challenge, the staff of Connemara Credit Union will climb their office stairs to complete the challenge. By each climbing the stairs in their office 55 times, Elaine and her colleagues will reach their goal of climbing the height of Carrantuohill. 

While doing this, Connemara Credit Union are raising much needed funds for Pieta House to support the ongoing work they do. We’re backing Elaine, Lorraine, Sue and Connemara Credit Union all the way & you can too! Check out their campaign, where you can donate to this amazing cause.