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Art Competition

Credit Union Art Competition

Judging has taken place for Stages 1 and Stages 2 of the Credit Union Art Competition, stay tuned to see who will be the winners of the final Stage 3 National winners of the Credit Union Art Competition 2022.

The theme for this year’s Credit Union Art Competition is ‘It’s A Wonderful World’. This year’s theme gives participants the opportunity to present their own interpretation of the magic in the world and what must be done to keep it this way. The competition invites participants to create artworks that depict the theme and explore through their own unique lens the beauty and wonder of the World

The Credit Union Art Competition, now in its 39th year, is dedicated to supporting and developing the arts in Irish society. The credit union has always had a keen commitment in promoting and encouraging involvement in the arts across communities. 

The competition is free to enter and there are no age limits to the competition and it is open to children aged seven years and under right through to 18 years and over. There is also an additional needs category. Winners at local level will go on to a regional level, and then to the National Final.

Entries for the Credit Union Art Competition are through local participating credit unions. It must be noted that not all credit unions take part in this competition.  

You’ll find details of your local credit union here.