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22 Nov 2022

6 Tips to navigate Black Friday on a Budget

We’ve put together 6 top tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Black Friday sales.

Community 2 min read

26 Aug 2022

Ways to Save Energy in Each Room of your Home

How to save energy in each room of your home

Education 3 min read

26 Aug 2022

How to Save Money on your Shopping Bills

Some tips and advice on saving money on your shopping bills

Education 3 min read

25 Aug 2022

Student Loans: All Your Questions Answered

The most frequently asked questions around student loans

Education 3 min read

19 Jul 2022

6 Things you (Probably) Didn’t Know about our Current Account Overdraft

When your current account is feeling the pinch, a credit union overdraft may help you out.

Community 3 min read

15 Jul 2022

Solar Panel Grants Ireland

Some helpful information on solar panel grants - including how much is available and how can apply

General 3 min read

13 Jul 2022

HSSCU Are Proudly Planting Trees!

HSSCU have partnered with Cloud Forests and for every current account opened, the credit union is planting one tree.

General 3 min read

13 Jul 2022

The Complete Guide to Solar Panels

The complete guide to solar panels for your home

House 3 min read

24 Jun 2022

Opening a credit union current account

We spoke to Darren about opening a current account with Sligo Credit Union.

Community 3 min read