29 Jan 2020

UK Car Imports: 6 Things you need to know

Thinking of importing a car from the UK? Read this blog. 

Car 3 min read

24 Jan 2020

Credit Union Most Popular Choice for Irish Car Loans

New report says majority will choose a credit union car loan over forms of car finance

Car 1 min read

20 Jan 2020

Clare's Story - #PoweredByPeople

After her fiancé suddenly passed away, Clare’s world was turned upside down..

Community 4 min read

20 Jan 2020

Budget Holidays: A Guide to Booking a Cheap Vacation

How to book a foreign holiday that won't break your budget.

Travel 3 min read

17 Jan 2020

#PoweredByPeople - Real People, Real Stories

Our new campaign tells stories of what really happens when people come together..

General 1 min read

13 Jan 2020

Top 5 Bad Driving Habits - and How to Avoid Them

Top 5 Dodgy Driving Habits and how you can avoid them.

Car 4 min read

08 Jan 2020

44% of Irish Car Buyers Sceptical of PCP Finance

A new report has highlighted scepticism around PCP loans 

Car 2 min read

07 Jan 2020

11 Easy Switches To Save €6,000 in 2020

Some suggestions to help you reach your ambitious 2020 saving goals.

Community 5 min read

03 Jan 2020

How I Bought my First Car with a Credit Union Loan

We chatted to Mark Daly to find out why he chose the credit union for a car loan. 

Car 2 min read