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01 Dec 2023

Don’t Buy Now, Regret Later

5 crucial considerations to bear in mind during this Christmas season when choosing between a Credit Union loan and Buy Now, Pay Later. 

Community 4 min read

21 Nov 2023

Tis the Season to Save: Smart Strategies for a Budget-Friendly Christmas in Ireland

The air is filled with holiday cheer, however, it is also the time when expenses can skyrocket. Fear not, though, as we have compiled a list of practical saving tips tailored for the Irish holiday season.

Community 3 min read

15 Nov 2023

Stay Smart, Stay Safe: A Guide to Avoiding Frauds in Ireland

Fraud cases in Ireland have surged. In this guide, we will explore common fraud tactics and how you can protect yourself.

Community 3 min read

06 Oct 2023

Promoting Good Health and Well Being

In Naomh Breandan Credit Union in Galway, wellness is an essential part of their daily routine.

Community 2 min read

04 Oct 2023

Arklow CU Reaps the Benefits of Solar Power

As a small part of their overall sustainability journey, Arklow Credit Union examined energy usage in their credit union building.

Community 3 min read

27 Sep 2023

HSSCU's Green Living Roof

In an effort to build on their sustainability work, Health Services Staffs Credit Union have installed a green living roof at their High Street, Dublin 8 office.  

Community 3 min read

25 May 2023

A Guide to Buying your First Home in Ireland

A helpful guide to those considering buying their first home in Ireland.

House 4 min read

25 May 2023

Playing our part in Biodiversity

Credit unions are playing a part in supporting biodiversity in local communities.

Community 4 min read

15 Mar 2023

Your Guide to Greener Home Improvement Grants

75% of people have no idea what grants are available to them when making home improvements 

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