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Category: Education

17 Sep 2021

6 Free Downloads to Help Kids Learn about Money

Download free worksheets from our Start Money Smart resource

Education 3 min read

03 Sep 2021

Financial Jargon Busters

What the F is an APR? What is the difference between a secured loan and an unsecured loan? What does it mean if I’m in arrears?

Education 4 min read

03 Sep 2021

Creating a rainy day fund

Setting aside money for a rainy day fund is fairly simple and definitely worth it

Education 2 min read

31 Aug 2021

7 ways to support your financial well-being

Keeping your financial well-being in check is just as important as keeping your physical and mental well-being healthy.

Education 3 min read

30 Aug 2021

Financial Well-Being Week

As part of our Money on Your Mind series, we’re running a Financial Well-Being Week with aim of creating conversations around money more accessible, using simple language.

Education 2 min read

20 Aug 2021

Securing Student Accommodation: Rental Prices Across the Country

Securing the right student accommodation can be nerve-wrecking - and exciting!.

Education 5 min read

18 Aug 2021

Back to School Savings Tips

Looking to save on back to school costs? Look no further! 

Education 5 min read

10 Jun 2021

Credit Union Scholarships and Bursaries: FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our student scholarships and bursaries.

Education 2 min read

20 Apr 2021

How does a Pension Work?

We all know how important having a pension is. But how do pensions work and what are the main benefits? 

Education 4 min read