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Tis the Season to Save: Smart Strategies for a Budget-Friendly Christmas in Ireland

Community 3 min read

21 Nov 2023

From cutting back on daily expenses to finding the best deals on gifts, these strategies will help you navigate the Christmas season without breaking the bank. 

  1. Go Cold Turkey on Splurges: 

The most challenging, yet effective, way to save money is to cut back on daily indulgences. Swap your morning takeaway coffee for a homemade brew, bring lunch to work, and cook at home instead of ordering takeout. This small sacrifice can easily save you €50-€60 per week, adding up to substantial savings by Christmas. 

  1. Make a List and Check It Twice or Thrice: 

Embrace the wisdom of Santa by planning. Create a detailed grocery list for your holiday meals and stick to it. Avoid overstocking by making smaller, strategic shopping trips throughout the month. This not only prevents panic buying but also helps you stay within budget. Additionally, save yourself from the number of flashy branded discounts. You might think you need them, but you can do simply fine without them. 

  1. Loyalty is Royalty: 

Leverage loyalty cards and exclusive offers from supermarkets & retailers. Often available to loyalty cards or club members, these offers can be a real bargain when used for gifts or personal use. This can significantly cut down on the cost and add to your overall savings. 

  1. Be Someone's Secret Santa: 

Initiate discussions with family and friends about cost-cutting measures for gift-giving. Consider running a Kris Kindle with a predetermined budget or collectively deciding to cut back on presents for each other's kids. Shared agreements can alleviate financial strain during the festive season. 

  1. Choose your options wisely: 

While savings can cover smaller gifts, larger purchases may require short-term borrowing. You may choose a credit card but do understand the cost of a credit card before splurging. Your local Credit Union can be ideal for such smaller fund requirements. Always compare the following when in need for finances 

  • Interest Rate - The cost of borrowing. 

  • Cost of Credit - Total amount you pay back including the loan and the interest. 

  • Term - The period over which you pay it back. 

  • Hidden Fees & Charges - Any cost that may apply on your loan such a maintenance fees, account fees etc. 

You can often find such information with Credit Union loan calculators. 

  1. Current Account Fees: 

Review your current account. Explore alternative banking options to ensure you are getting the best deal. While banks may charge you for every small transaction, a digital bank might not be able to help you if something goes wrong. 

Credit Union's offer current account which has a fixed quarterly fee that can be often result in saving a lot of money on your day-to-day transactions. Additionally, some credit unions offer free accounts for students and elders. Check here to see if your local credit union is offering them. 

  1. Do a Deal on Everyday Bills and Christmas Shopping: 

Optimize your everyday expenses, including energy, mobile and broadband bills. When it comes to Christmas presents, research and compare prices across multiple shops. Take advantage of price match guarantees offered by retailers like Harvey Norman, Currys PC World, and Fields. 


This festive season, let practicality guide your celebrations. By implementing these money-saving strategies, you can enjoy the magic of Christmas without the financial stress. Remember, a budget-friendly holiday is not only possible but also rewarding as you focus on the joy of giving and creating lasting memories with loved ones.