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Top 10 Kids Activities to Entertain them at Home

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13 Mar 2020

With swathes of the population now working from home - and parents trying to juggle their normal workload while entertaining small, excited humans who are pinging off walls with all the eagerness of cooped up puppies – we understand tensions could be rising.
That’s why we’ve outlined some ideas below so parents can keep lil’ ones thinking, learning and creating - so their impressionable, sponge-like brains don’t succumb to mindless hours of a particular pink pig – (However entertaining she may be… you know who we’re referring to).

Now might be the time to get started into the cultural, educational activities that you’ve been always meaning to do.

1. Online Arts and Crafts for Kids

Colouring and art is always a great indoor go-to. But why not make it a little interesting and competitive with a Little-Girl-Paintingcolouring or art competition? You could even do a mini ‘home exhibition’ - pin up all the artwork to create a home gallery. You can find free online sketching tutorials online, like this one from ThoughtCo.
Don't forget to download our Monster Colouring Sheet here to get started!

2. Online learning and Quizzes

There’s plenty of online resources for kids to stay in touch with various subjects – you’ll find some more educational based learning on Schooldays.ie. And this list of the best online learning tools for kids will get you started. Coder Dojo has some online coding sources available, while learning code online for kids can be found in multiple places online including Coder Monkey. Now might finally be the time to get them coding!

Finally - why not get them to try our online school’s quiz to test their knowledge?

3. Plant Seeds in the Garden

With March being a perfect time to plant seeds, (weather permitting) get out into the garden to start that much-put-off activity of getting the kids growing. Similarly, if you have a balcony, you can grow-your-own in pots. Have kids take pictures so they can do before and after.

You can download this free growing journal so they can keep track of their planting progress!

4. Science Experiments for Kids

There are some fun and interesting science experiments you can conduct at home with simple items like bottles and food, producing home-made lava lamps and fizzy fruit. Here's some ideas to get you started on Sciencefun.org.

5. Children’s Cookbook

Why not let them design and produce their own cookbook from paper and cardboard? Help them list out recipes from things like pasta dishes, to breakfast ideas. A fun thing to do could be to go through the cupboards and see what they can make with ingredients that are there. (This could also help clear out/clean the cupboards - win-win, eh?). Help them write recipes based on the plants they’ve sown!

6. Online Audio Books

Audible is a free app that allows visitors to download and enjoy audio storytelling. When places like the library is closed, is a great way to discover new authors and books. (And if you’re a bit preoccupied, it reads the book to the kids so you don’t have to…)

7. Creative Writing for Kids

Write short stories by thinking up themes, starting a story for them to finish or getting them to help each other complete a mini-book; each writing a different chapter and seeing where the story ends up.

Get started with these great, downloadable creative writing prompt sheets!

8. Kids Competitions

There’s loads of great competitions for kids to enter – from science to art, writing and photography - it will give them structure and something to work toward. (Always read the terms and conditions, control/monitor their entries, giving parental consent.)

9. Limit TV Time with Rewards

Although it can be very tempting to indulge in endless television and laptop time, limiting their screen-time to hours when you are very busy and rewarding them with how well they achieve on their other tasks with an hour of TV.

10. Kids Board Games

Ok – we know it’s the age-old go-to, but board games have been overlooked and unrated… make it fun by having a game-master who controls/decides what is being played and who is keeping score and keeping time.
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