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Top 10 Most Reliable Used Cars 

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04 Feb 2021

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Buying a car can be a massive investment of time and money to ensure your purchasing a vehicle that does its job and is also reliable. Taking information from a number of reports including, What Car?’s reliability rating we’ve listed the Top 10 Most Reliable used cars on the market. In particular, What Car? surveyed nearly 13,000 car owners on the type of car they have, if it had experienced a fault in the last 12 months, how much it cost to repair and the amount of time the vehicle was off the road as a result of the fault.

From the information they collected from the above questions, they gave each car a reliability rating. We’ve picked out the top 10 most reliable cars from the information What Car? provided to give you an idea of the make and model that will keep you safe on the road.  


10. Hyundai i20 – 2015 model  

Receiving a reliability rating of 98.6% from What Car?’s reliability index puts the Hyundai i20 in at number 10 for the most reliable car. When asked, only 7% of people who owned this make and model of the Hyundai, had something go wrong over the 12 months previously being asked. With the issues that arose, all cars were still drivable.  


9. Hyundai i10 – 2014 -2020 model  

A smaller version of the model coming in at number 10, the Hyundai i10 is a reliable vehicle for drivers looking for safe and secure driving in a smaller car. Receiving a 98.8% reliability rating, this car shows its dependability as a used car. Only 9% of owners reported a fault of some description. Any faults were carried out within one day under the cars warranty and all cars were still drivable despite the issues.  


8. Alfa Romeo Giulietta (2010 – present)  

This make and model is said to be as aging well, with just 10% of cars suffering a fault. The areas reportedly affected were with the brakes and gearbox. All repairs were recorded under the warranty of the car. With a reliability rating of 98.9% any problems that did occurred, the make and model could still be driven and the issues were fixed in a day or less.  


7. Skoda Citigo – 2012 – Present  

This car has been compared to the Volkswagen Up City car and received a reliability rating of 98.9%. When asked, 4% of Skoda Citigo owners reported a problem occurring with their vehicle. One annoyance for owners who experienced problems, were that they weren’t covered under warranty, meaning that repairs had to be paid for on the spot. The repairs pointed toward the air conditioning in the cars and costs owners £50 to £100. All repairs were fixed within a week.  


6. Dacia Duster – 2018 – Present  

When asked, owners of this vehicle said that it was dependable and great value for money. 8% of owners reported that they had a problem in the previous 12 months. The problems occurred were mainly to do with the bodywork, engine and non-engine electrics. The Dacia Duster seems to be a recent phenomenon with the 2018 to present model being recommended as reliable.  


5. Lexus NX Hybrid – 2014 to present 

With a 99.3% reliability rating, the Lexus NX Hybrid is described as a hugely dependable premium SUV. Any complaints made from Lexus car owners were down to a fault with the information/entertainment system. Other issues included the body work of the car itself. All repairs needed were covered under the warranty of the car. This car is dependable for a long period of time with the 2014 model being noted as far back in reliability terms.  


4. Toyota Yaris Hybrid – 2011 – 2020 Model  

As we move toward the top of the reliability table, hybrid cars begin to show up in the rankings. They Toyota Yaris is a car which has been around for generations. Many of our first cars was a Yaris and the evolution of this model into a hybrid is a sign that it will be a staple for many years to come. When asked, 3% of owners of this car had something go wrong in the previous 12 months. The only area of concern was the battery pack in the hybrid, which needed repair in some cases, all of which was covered under the warranty.  


3. Honda Jazz -2008-2015 model  

Less reliable in a new model, the 2008 – 2015 models of the Honda Jazz come in at number 3 in What Car?’s reliability rankings. Receiving 100% rating by its owners the Honda Jazz is a small but dependable make, ensuring the safety of its users. This model is roomy and practical and gives owners just what they need in an everyday vehicle. Amazingly, not one of the owners of a Honda Jazz reported and issue with their vehicle within the 12 month period. 


2. Lexus RX Hybrid – 2016 to present.  

Another hybrid model takes the number 2 spot on this reliability ranking. The 2016 to present model of this car shows a just how reliable a hybrid can be. Many go for this make and model for its dependability, as it receives a 100% reliability rating from owners surveyed. The Lexus RX hybrid at present is the most reliable hybrid on the market. We may see hybrid’s top the charts in the coming years as electric models take over.  


1. Toyota Rav4 – 2013 -2019 model  

The brand itself has been around for generations, but the Toyota Rav4 tops this reliability chart and comes at number 1 for the most reliable used car on the market. As an SUV it is described as large, roomy and dependable in What Car?’s reliability table. What Car? Also describe the availability of this particular model in petrol and diesel, both as reliable as eachother.  


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