Top Ten Christmas gifts under €50/£50

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28 Nov 2019

With less than a month to go before Christmas, shopping for gifts for family and friends is well underway. Unless of course you fall into the panic-buying husband on Christmas Eve category (sorry guys, you know it’s true!)

And whilst we know it’s not about how much you spend, the temptation to throw money at the problem when you’re stuck for ideas is real!

So, here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank. And better still, don’t remotely resemble smelly soaps, or a trusty tie/jumper/socks combo.

1. Wireless Charging Stand

Phones, tablets, whatever the electronic device, banish the cables and invest in a wireless charging station. Most new smartphones have wireless charging capacity now, and it couldn’t be simpler to use. And with two in this offer, you won’t have to fight over who gets to go first!
Yootech Wireless Charging Bundle £23.99/€28.64 Amazon

 2. Felt Mule Slippers

So we said no ties or socks, but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas for the men in our lives without a pair of slippers. So, why not make it a great pair, like these felted slip on versions from the White Company.

Felted Mule Slippers £40/€52 The White Company

3. Gin Glasses

Gin has made a serious comeback in recent years, with a host of new and quirky flavours and plenty of fabulous glasses to use as you enjoy it (responsibly, of course). These LSA International Balloon glasses are sure to impress, and better than that, they come as a two!
LSA International Dusk Balloon Glasses £45/€54.50 John Lewis

4. I can’t find my……

‘Oh yes you can’, with a Tile Mate. No more lost keys, lost phones, lost wallets – attach the Tile mate fob to your keys or slip inside your wallet, and download the app on your phone. Use one to locate the other, at the push of a button. They’ve also got a voice control feature, meaning you can get Alexa to do the looking for you!
Tile Mate £19.99/€24.99 Amazon

5. Google Mini Home

Speaking of Alexa, are there even homes out there anymore that don’t have a Smart speaker of some sort to help with the kids homework or play the wrong song at your request? Whether its Alexa, Google or Siri listening, there are a number of very affordable speakers out there now, compatible with your other smart devices. But not many have such an affordable pricetag as the Google Mini Home.
Google Mini Home £19/€21.99 John Lewis

6. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Wireless Speaker

This is perfect for all the family to enjoy. It’s child friendly, waterproof and packs a serious punch in the volume stakes!
Ultimate Ears Speaker £39/€45.75 Amazon

7. Bean Bag Bazaar Gaming Chair

These multi-purpose bean bag chairs come with rave reviews. They’re available in an assortment of colours, and suitable for outdoor use as well. They are ideal for gaming or relaxing, and adults and children alike are bound to love them!
Bean Bag Bazaar Chair £39.99/€46.90 Amazon

8. Norlan Whiskey Glasses

The Irish are known for their ability to produce world class whiskey. Why not treat your favourite whiskey drinker to these beautiful glasses from Norlan? They’re designed to ‘capture whisky's complex flavours and aromatics and deliver them to the senses like never before.’
And if you buy them before the 2nd December, you’ll enjoy getting them at 30% off!
Norlan Glasses £38.40/€45 Norlan UK website

9. Lenovo Star Wars AR Game

Just in time to celebrate the release of the latest Star Wars film, big and small kids alike can get plenty of fun bringing a lightsaber to life with this Lenovo kit. Normally well over £100, it’s a bargain here:
Lenono AR Kit £39.98/€46.90 I Want One of Those

10. Rocketbook Fusion reusable smart notebook

Imagine being able to transfer your notes, images and doodles at the click of a button to folders on your computer. Ta-Daaaaaa, take a look at the Rocketbook notebook. There are numerous pages to work with, and a supporting smartphone App allows you to transfer what’s on the page straight into the folder of your choosing on icloud, google docs and so on. Available in A4 and A5
Rocketbook Fusion  £37.99/€44.50 Amazon