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Why are credit unions the most trusted financial in Ireland?

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06 May 2021

Trust is defined as having a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something. Trusting someone or something is essential to the relationship you have, and when it comes to your finances, trust forms the foundations of everything you experience.

At the credit union, the ethos of the movement is based around people helping people. For over 60 years, credit unions have been the corner stone of local communities and added a trusted voice when it comes to the topic of finances, a topic which many people dread.

Credit union offices are located in every town and village across the island of Ireland. Every community is rooted by a credit union, from the financial service they provide, to the support for local clubs and organisations, to quite simply the friendly, familiar and trusted voice. With the recent closures across a number of banks, it has never been more important to be part of the credit union.

According to the Ireland RepTrak Study 2021, credit unions are viewed by their members and people who are aware of the organisation as one of the most trusted institution in Ireland. Credit unions on the island of Ireland received a score of 84.9 based on a number of deciding factors including, trust, respect, admiration and esteem.

Credit Unions were placed first in Governance and in Citizenship – two important drivers of reputation. Credit unions, as the cornerstone of local communities, were recognised as being friendly, genuine, down to earth, sincere and straightforward, in the analysis of brand personality traits that most closely correlated with reputation, amongst the 100 organisationswhich were part of the study.

But what makes credit unions the most trusted financial service on the island of Ireland?

Trusted Voice

The word finance alone can make many turn and run as far as they can. People want someone they know and trust to talk them through the daunting language. Credit unions are placed in communities across the island of Ireland. They are run by their members, and so make talking about finances like having a chat with one of your good friends. The credit union is easy, accessible and there through the good times and the bad.

Love of local

Credit unions are the cornerstone of local communities across the island of Ireland. From the sponsorship of local sports teams, to helping important community services such as youth clubs, credit unions act as not just a financial institution, but a pillar of their local community offering support to anyone who walks through the door.

Everywhere you go

It is hard to pass through a town or village across the island of Ireland, and not encounter a credit union office. Credit unions are at the heart of every community across the island and offer services to meet the needs of their members. So whether you’re from Ardee or Athenry, Ballyhaunis or Ballymun know that there is a credit union for you, everywhere you go.
Interested in becoming part of financial institution who really care about their members? Join us today, and know when you do, you’ll be part of the most trusted and reputable financial institution in Ireland.